Beat The Recession, Become A Student

Although the UK is slowly making its way out of the recession, there are millions of young people still being hit hard by the economic and financial instability. Not only is there a lack of jobs, but the cost of living is so high that people are having to get two jobs just to make ends meet. By becoming a student and furthering your education at university, you’ve giving yourself a better chance at the better careers and higher paid jobs.

There’s no rush to dive into the employment pool, especially when the jobs available don’t suit your skills. The time you spend working your way up in a job to a decent position could take years, however with a university degree you could walk straight into the same position. Let’s take a look at how to beat the recession by becoming a student.

The Debt

One of the things that reduces the attraction of university is the staggering debt students will be in once they graduate. As the government changed the financial guidelines of universities recently, and allowed them to charge up to the maximum of £9,000 a year (which nearly all now do), you’ll instantly be in over £27,000 debt, plus interest, once you leave. Furthermore, add to that the best student accommodation available, and living expenses, and it will be more like £35,000.

In the United States the system is a little more costly but universities came out with their own solutions. They have developed online programs which are attracting more and more undergraduate students and active professionals toward earning a higher education. These online programs are adaptable to any schedule, whether you are a part/full time employee or a stay home mom. Online programs are also more affordable than taking classes in a traditional university. You can easily graduate from a master degree in cyber security; learn about cyber intelligence, cyber security policies, studies and protections of critical infrastructure as well as counterterrorism. This field is in very high demand and it’s also very well paid.

Student Discounts

University is a wonderful experience, and one of the best things is socialising with new people. From sports teams to house parties, you’ll be thrust into new environments which will allow you to explore different parts of your personality, as well as make new friends for life. With clubs, bars and house parties come new clothes, alcohol, lunches and dinners, however this all doesn’t have to be as expensive as it sounds.

Students are provided with some excellent discounts with the help of their university cards and other student cards. Some high street shops offer as much as 20 per cent off clothes to students, and you can also get meals for a lot cheaper too. When it comes to alcohol, the student union bar is the cheapest place to drink, compared to pubs where a pint can cost over £3!

Travel is another place where students can save a lot of money going home over the summer and Christmas periods. With a student discount, you can get up to one third off rail fares, and even get discounts when buying bicycles or on petrol when car-pooling with friends.


David is a former student who enjoys discussing all aspects of university life

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