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Best UAV Coming Your Way in the Near Future

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAV have been around for quite some time and we’ve seen them in multiple forms. The combat drones are the biggest example of it. They fly out in the areas where it is dangerous for individuals to go and get the job done. Another example is the drones that are being used by media outlets as cameras.

Whenever an incident occurs at some place, it is hard to get a clear look at the place. Only way to capture the whole scene was to take the helicopter. However, since the arrival of UAV drones, this task has become quite simple. The media outlets attach a high-tech camera on to the drone and take a look at the scenes without putting any one of their individuals in any dangers.

There have been tsunamis, earthquakes, and hurricanes. However, no one was able to capture them to their fullest because of how difficult it is to reach the areas affected by them. Drones have made this task easier. The industry isn’t done though as it is finding new ways to revolutionize UAVs. Some of the most promising prototypes and creations that have been done so far have been showcased below.


In the GIF above, you can Volocopter in action. This Volocopter is designed for two people and when it is all tested, it will become available in the market. Basically, it allows two people to move from one place to another without worrying about the traffic. It of course won’t be as expensive as a helicopter and most important, it can be controlled remotely. In its prototype stage, it is working quite well and seems way ahead of its time. However, a lot of testing needs to be done before such a product can be made available to general public. When it actually gets released, it will be a product to behold because at this moment, there is nothing that even comes close to what this UAV is offering. Hopefully, the people behind this effort thin out the kinks, so the general public can get their hands on it. Getting stuck in traffic every single day is getting annoying and everyone would love to have an extra option.


Identified Flying Object or IFO is also a prototype that has been worked on. It is very much like the Volocopter, but instead of relying on the wings like helicopter, it has fans all over it. Having all those fans around makes it a safer prototype, but the problem that creators are encountering is how they will be able to power it for longer periods of time. If and when this problem gets sorted out, we won’t be very far away from getting our hands on this IFO.


Bikes are fun overall, and you know when they are more fun, when you get to fly on them. Hoverbike tries to do the same. We have seen examples of what Hoverbikes could be like in multiple movies specifically in Star Wars. The way this concept works is quite similar to what we’ve seen in the movies. This is a working prototype, so the chances of this becoming a reality in the near future are on the higher side. Once again, this is intended for carrying people from one place to another without disturbing or getting disturbed by the traffic. As mentioned before, this prototype is in the testing phase and things are looking good. So we might get be able to get our hands on it sooner than we think.


Airbus is basically the future that we see in the movies. It might be quite a while before we actually see one working, but the creators are hard at work. They really want to make it happen and with the way technology is improving, it would be a safer bet to expect Airbus in the near future. The concept is that you can fly from one place to another, and this UAV would offer almost every that a smartphone does. It will allow you to make calls, it will be able to recognize your face, it will be able to show you the news, it will show you the details of the buildings you are looking at, and so much more. It is a highly ambitious product, and will take a lot of work. However, we’ve seen some of the unexpected technologies come to life, so we can expect to see this Airbus in action in the near future as well.


The engineers behind Ehang have the same idea as other UAV mentioned in this article. They want people to traverse without worrying about traffic conditions. The way traffic is these days, it’s no wonder that everyone is trying to minimize it in any way they can. Ehang prototype functions in a similar fashion as Volocopter and is similar even in design.

However, instead of just focusing on the flying, creators behind Ehang are looking to add some features like weather conditions, news, ability to watch movies and TV shows, etc. You can say that it’s an integration of Volocopter and Airbus.

The idea is really good, execution so far has been perfect. However, the main issue still remains, how are these units going to be powered and when will they become available for general public? Some tech giants have already experimented with such machines but haven’t met with much success. The idea is great, but a lot of work needs to be done before it can be made available to general public.

Project Zero

Project Zero UAV is the most fascinating of all. The engineers are basically trying to make a hybrid, which can work as a helicopter and a plane. It can levitate or hover down just like any other chopper and can fly as fast as a fighting jet. This idea behind this UAV is great, and the implementation thus far has been phenomenal as well. The team behind this concept has been showcasing what they have accomplished and it’s pretty good. A hybrid of helicopter and a jet has only been seen in video games and movies. However, it will be great to see such a vehicle exist in real life. It can be extremely helpful in almost every single situation, and can open doors for other projects on this list as well. Project Zero seems quite close to the finishing line, so we may get to see one in action real soon.

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