5 Best VPNs for Android 2020 (Free Apps Only!)

We are about to reveal 2016’s top VPN apps for Android so that you can enjoy online security, privacy, and freedom on your smartphone without a problem. before we do that, there are a few things that you need to know.

However, before we do that, there are a few things that you need to know regarding our selection and review criteria.

Criteria for Selecting and Assessing Android VPN Apps

So what exactly sets VPNs apart and how do you find the best app for the job from the rest? Well, there are quite a few features and factors that you need to consider while separating the best from the rest. The most common criteria include:

Data Encryption

Ensuring online privacy and keeping hackers at bay by converting data into an unreadable state using algorithms and ciphers.

Data Logging Policy

The VPN service provider’s policy regarding the type of user data that would be recorded and retained.


The speed of a VPN is basically the rate at which data flows between the Android device and the VPN server, typically depending on geographical proximity, network bandwidth, etc.

Installation Process

Whether the developers have been kind enough to provide users with a manual, or if they’ve simply displayed a generous amount of faith in the latter’s intelligence.

Server Location

The location of a VPN server matters as the speed of connection is affected by the distance between the server and the client device.

Provider Profile

The reputation that the service provider and their app enjoy. The number of downloads and customer feedback act as a good indicator.

Customer Support

Providing users with prompt help and clear guidance to replace their confusion, complaints, and frustration with a smooth and satisfactory experience.


Both paid and free services are available, but in the case of latter, it’s advisable to go through data logging policy and user reviews more thoroughly.

Over to Our Testing Lab

We at TechoMag decided to scan Google Play store for the top VPN apps compatible with the Android platform and turn them inside out to see where they stand on the quality scale.

The table below is a simple comparison tool to give you a snapshot of how the apps fared in our tests based on the aforementioned criteria.

Our Top Android VPN Picks for 2020

Are you interested to know more about the VPN apps that we tested out in our lab? Then what are you waiting for? Read on!

Hotspot Shield

Developed by AnchorFree and available in both free and paid (premium) versions, Hotspot Shield VPN left us impressed by what it had to offer.

It comes loaded with pretty much every feature that is expected of a technology of its kind.Immaculate security and strong privacy

Immaculate security and strong privacy are provided through encryption of Internet traffic and IP masking. The smart protection feature available in the app automatically enables optimal protection for different network connections.

The app also lets your switch virtual location for unrestricted access to the Web. Moreover, a satisfactory data logging policy and friendly customer support add additional value to the handy app.

Coming to one of the most important factors, speed, let’s just say we were left a bit disappointed.

The free version happens to be limited by bandwidth consumption and supported by ads. A tiny spot of imperfection on Hotspot Shield VPN easily goes unnoticed by its other shiny features.

The free version happens to be limited by bandwidth consumption and supported by ads. A tiny spot of imperfection on Hotspot Shield VPN easily goes unnoticed by its other shiny features.

Want to know more about the Android version of Hotspot Shield? Check out the following:


DroidVPN has a fully-loaded arsenal, making it an ideal solution of online privacy, security, and freedom. Not only does it encrypt Internet traffic, it also compresses it to save bandwidth for faster browsing.

The app makes regional restrictions and firewalls irrelevant through its tunneling capabilities, which includes moving traffic through ICMP or UDP.

One of the best things about this juicy app is that there is no limit on bandwidth consumption on the premium version.

The VPN service has its servers located in various countries, including US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, and Russia, though free users will have access to free servers only.

As for privacy, the service provides claims in its data logging policy that nothing other than the time, date and location is recorded. So basically there is hardly anything to worry about.

Want to know more about the Android version of DroidVPN? Check out the following:


Aptly named, SuperVPN Free VPN Client is completely free. Best thing is that is how it says for as long as you keep it on your Android device.Everything expected from a technology of this kind is found in this nifty app.

Everything expected from a technology of this kind is found in this nifty app. Security and privacy are provided through encryption of traffic flowing between the user’s device and the server.The speed and bandwidth on offer

The speed and bandwidth on offer are only limited by user’s ISP’s speed and bandwidth. Unrestricted access to the Web is made possible through virtual locations.

Another great thing about SuperVPN Free VPN Client is that it is pretty user-friendly. Users aren’t burdened with having to register or configure the app. Still, the customer support is available to help anyone who still manages to end up confused.

SuperVPN Free VPN Client is undoubtedly an app worth checking out for those desiring a great VPN for their Android device.

Want to know more about the Android version of SuperVPN? Check out the following:


Fully-packed with pretty much all the necessary features, TunnelBear VPN is great for users desiring privacy, security, and freedom on the Internet.

The app ensures privacy through encryption of Internet traffic. It also keeps the location of the user hidden from websites and online trackers. Regional fencing of the Web becomes irrelevant as the Bear tunnels data across countries.

TunnelBear doesn’t disappoint in the speed department either, offering over 30mb/s downloading and 3mb/s uploading speed.

The one thing that truly sets TunnelBear apart from the rest of the competition is its user-friendliness. The developer seems to be well-aware of the fact that not everyone is tech-savvy. Therefore, the installation, configuration, and user interface have been kept extremely simple.

The customer support is pretty friendly as well, adding to the accessibility of the app. All in all, it is one of the best free VPN for Android.

Want to know more about the Android version of TunnelBear? Check out the following:

Unlimited Free VPN by VIT

One simply needs to look at the name Unlimited Free VPN by VIT to know why the app is so popular. Unlimited bandwidth consumption is a luxury that most VPNs reserve for premium subscribers.

However, VIT makes no such discrimination. The speed of the connection, unfortunately, acts as a spoilsport, as it is dependent on a variety of factors such as user’s ISP, network configuration and congestion. Mostly, the service runs smooth, courtesy of its servers in various regions.

Unlimited Free VPN is equipped with the basic features expected of such technology, including security and privacy through data encryption.

The tunneling feature is also present, enabling unrestricted access to websites that may be blocked in certain regions. The user interface of the app has been kept fairly simple, while a friendly customer support is there to offer help.

In short, the app is built with user satisfaction in mind.

Want to know more about the Android version of Unlimited Free VPN? Check out the following:

How many of the VPN Android apps mentioned in this post have you already tried out? Did they work well for you? Do you know of an Android VPN service that deserves a place on this list? Drop a comment below and let us know.

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