Android Oreo 8.1

Biggest Android Oreo 8.1 Features

Google has been doing a great job of keeping the Android safe and feature-heavy. It has received a ton of updates to date and all of them have been pretty great. Some of them brought new features, and some of them fixed the issues, while some of them introduced new security protocols. Every update was done out of necessity or to improve the overall user experience. Android Nougat 7.0 really upped the ante, and people have high expectations from Android Oreo 8.1 as well. This new update has already made its way to the Google devices, and if you own one of these devices, then you are in for a treat. There are some features that have been openly mentioned, but there are some hidden quality of life improvements as well, and we will be discussing them all below.

Background Limits on Apps

Previously, there was no way to stop an app from running in the background. This obviously affected the performance of the device as more apps took the memory. However, with Android Oreo 8.1, you can now enforce background limits on the apps. This means that the apps that you aren’t using or don’t use too often, you can just stop them from consuming your RAM. This way, all the active apps will get the juice and will function without much of a problem. People have been demanding this feature for a very long time and it has finally happened. Previously, you had to delete the app in order to remove its background memory usage, but with this new feature, you have the control and you can enforce background limit on any app that’s not being used anymore.

Snooze Notifications

When you connect to the internet after a whole day, the feed becomes filled with a ton of notifications from the different apps. You can’t see all of them at once which is why Android Oreo has introduced snooze notification feature. If there are certain notifications that you don’t want to check just yet, just hover over them and slide them to either left or right, and you will see a clock. Here, you have to set the timer of when exactly do you want to see this particular notification. Once the timer is set, the notification will go away and will show up once again when the time is right. This is great quality of life improvement that we did not know we wanted. Getting a ton of notifications when connecting to the internet at the end of the day was quite annoying, and more often than not, most of the people just cleared them off. However, with this new feature, we will be able to check out each and everything without cluttering the header.

New Storage Controls

Whenever your storage was full, you were taken to the menu where all the essential and non-essential apps were lined up. This obviously made it difficult for the users to know what to delete and what to keep. However, things have been made significantly better in Android Oreo 8.1. Instead of throwing all of the apps at you, they have been categorized. Now you have games, movies and TV apps, and other categories that allow you to navigate with ease. With these options in place, it is easier to remove an unnecessary app because you know that it won’t have any impact on your device. Previous system was a hassle to use especially for the casual users as they didn’t know what the essential apps were and they ended up deleting them. Realizing how big of a problem this was, a lot of people complained about it online on different forums, and Google has finally listened. These new storage options are great, and will certainly help a lot of users.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

Split-screen feature was introduced in Android 7.0, and it allowed you to use two apps at the same time. However, it was extremely limited as only a couple of apps were supported. Realizing the potential of this feature, Google has made it widespread and now more apps can be used in this split-screen picture-in-picture mode. You can watch your favorite video on YouTube, and write a message on the WhatsApp at the same time. This is a huge feature and users all over the world are pretty excited to get their hands on it. Not all the apps have been updated to the latest firmware, so may experience trouble using this feature right now. However, a week from now, most of the developers will update their app to Android Oreo 8.1, and then you will be able to use them in split-screen picture-in-picture mode.

Other Minor Features

The aforementioned are the major features that have been brought to the Android users, but there are some minor inclusions as well. Settings menu has been revamped – now all the important options are highlighted in the main Settings menu, but if you are looking for some technical options, then you can just tap Advanced Settings. Furthermore, File Manager has received some improvement as well. Now it is simpler to use and understand.

Another change being brought by Android Oreo 8.1 is Turning Wi-Fi on automatically. You can put your Home network in this list and as soon as it is in range, the Wi-Fi will turn on automatically and your device will connect to it. Moreover, the battery menu has received some changes. It looks better and most importantly it is more detailed now. You can now see how different functions are impacting the battery life which is a huge bonus.

Autofill framework has been in-demand for quite some time and Google has finally implemented it. For those of you unaware about this feature should know that it basically fills in the information on your behalf so you won’t have to rewrite the same information over and over again. Once it has been written, the autofill framework will store it, and the next time you have to put your details somewhere, you will have the option fill it automatically.

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