Bloomfire: Knowledge Management and Sharing Software

Bloomfire is a knowledge management and sharing software, with a lot of differences from the presently available software of its kind in the market.  It is claimed to have all the features that are required to improve the productivity of various teams in an organization.

The software comes with powerful tools for content creation, and surprisingly these tools are powered by multimedia systems which can avoid the difficulty in creating content, publishing it and managing it.

Bloomfire actually consists of a lot of features that are required to meet various requirements that can be from various aspects of an organization, whether it be corporate learning, sales enablement, customer engagement, or partner enablement.

The software is noticeable for its intuitive user interface and innovative features. Major features are:

  • Multimedia based Content Creation Tools
  • Any type file upload and management
  • Powerful Question Answer System
  • Content Browsing and Enhancement
  • Powerful Search
  • Content Series (Content playlist )
  • Content Moderation
  • Sub-communities – Manage projects, teams etc
  • Role Based Managements
  • Email Notifications
  • Personalization
  • Invite People – Social Contacts
  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Membership Subscription
  • Ready to be used in Mobile / Smartphones
  • Integrate with Google, Salesforce,Linkedin etc.

The product can be purchased from Bloomfire website, and the packages are made based on the number of users that an organization have.

There are much similar software available in the market like Bloomfire, each of them differs from each other in various aspects like interaction methods used, ease of use,

Visit the Bloomfire  Knowledge management system.


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