Business Trends

Business Trends That Could Shape Your Operations

A large part of operating a successful business involves staying tuned to societal trends and responding accordingly. Knowing about priorities and preferences in the marketplace can help companies stay profitable and relevant. These trends are likely to remain notable over this year, and perhaps even longer. 

1. A Continued Focus on Remote Work

Remote work became the norm during the coronavirus pandemic, and many company leaders seem set to let employees keep doing it for the foreseeable future if they desire. As a result of the remote work boom, you can expect to see a continued usage of products and services that help people stay productive from anywhere. 

For example, Ooma virtual phones don’t need hardwired connections to work. They let people connect with customers and colleagues from anywhere with an internet connection. Users can also rely on numerous devices when making calls, such as tablets, smartphones, or even traditional office phones. Then, there are virtually no limits to where they can work.

2. Companies Investing More in Social Media Ads

Company decision-makers seem set to spend more on social media soon, too. One statistic predicted total spending on social media advertising to reach $105 billion in 2021, which is nearly double the amount put towards it in 2017. 

Business owners that want to capitalize on this trend should consider the best ways they could use social media ads to grow brand awareness and increase followers. Succeeding may also require taking a multichannel approach and determining which social media sites are most often used by people in the target demographic. 

3. Contactless and Lower-Contact Shopping Remains in Demand

People recently got accustomed to contact-free delivery options, as well as emerging retail models, such as buy-online-pick-up-in-store. You should expect those choices to remain present, even as the coronavirus crisis winds down in many areas of the world. Many consumers now realize that it takes more time to go into a physical store, find what they need, and pay for it. They prefer a faster process.

Possibilities like contactless delivery or curbside pickup typically allow people to do part of the shopping experience online. They can find precisely want they need or want through the internet, pay for it, and go get the item within a chosen time slot. 

You may find that not all aspects of these three trends apply to you or your business model. Even if that’s the case, it’s still a good idea to know which aspects are affecting today’s society and consumer’s decisions. Staying abreast of trends like these allows gauging the probable impact and deciding whether you need to react. Remaining flexible like that enables maximum proactive responsiveness.