Android-based console Ouye copies PS4, Xbox One

Chinese Console Blatantly Rips Off PS4 and Xbox One

The team behind this new console did their research, but didn’t bring anything new to the table.

Console wars have been taken to a whole new level since the arrival of next-gen machines from both Microsoft and Sony. China, however, does not want to be a part of this war as they have decided to create their own console called OUYE that is a blatant rip off of both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Instead of playing AAA titles, OUYE is designed to play Android-based games via controller. If this description sounds familiar, then it would be because there’s already a device available on which you can play Android-based games via controller, and that device coincidentally is called OUYA (hmm).

This Chinese rip of consoles is currently available at the Chinese Kickstarter page where it has received zero funding (we wonder why). The team behind OUYE was looking for approximately $15000 to have this console made, but things aren’t looking too good.

After 15 long years, China finally lifted the ban on video games at the end of July, and it seems that some people are trying to play with the emotions of gamers. However, zero funding for the project clearly shows that people aren’t gullible and would not pay for something that’s already available in the market.


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