iPhone 7 headphone jack

Confirmed: iPhone 7 Will Not Feature a Headphone Jack

A new video has surfaced online which confirms that iPhone 7 headphone jack is not a thing. Instead Apple has opted for a lightning port, which is something different entirely.

This brings an end to a long running debate where people argued whether the next iteration in the iPhone series will have a headphone jack or not.

Not a lot of people were a fan of iPhone without the jack concept and were hoping that it would just be a rumor. However, looking at today’s video and multiple picture leaks, it is pretty much confirmed that iPhone 7 headphone jack will remain a dream.

Headphones or earphones are easily available all over the world, allowing people to get their hands on them rather easily. However, with iPhone 7, it will not be that simple as users will have to buy gear that fits the lightning port, which can prove to be a rather annoying process.


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