Do Wars Drive Technological Advancements?

Everyone wants peace, but just for a moment try to imagine a world where the world had stayed in peace and no one had ever fought anyone. Would there be as much technological advancements had there been no war in this world. A large group of people don’t think so, and we sort of agree with them. Why, you ask? We have outlined the reasons for believing in the connection between war and technology below.

The Lust for Superiority

When two nations are at each other’s throat, they want to take victory by any means necessary. However, only words cannot accomplish that, which is why they need tools that are better than the ones their enemy possesses. Having a better arsenal for a country has always been very important because any nation that didn’t have good enough force was taken over by someone powerful. This need to be superior leads to research which produces different results. Someone came up with a stone, and then someone created a bat, then a crossbow, then a shiv, then a sword, and so it went on. The one with more power has always had the last laugh and the authority and respect in this world has always been given to the one with the best weapons at its disposal. It has been this way since the world came into existence. Just to be better than their enemies, nations have developed all sorts of weaponry which continues to get better even to this day.

Evolution of Wheel

Since the wheel was brought to life, people have found different ways of utilizing its capabilities. However, the one thing it has really helped the people with is the means of transportations. From carts to cycle, car to plane – it all would have been impossible if there was no wheel. Wheel was not a creation of war exactly, but since coming into existence, it has been used a lot. Chariots were used largely in the battles and because of wheels’ speed, they could outrun and outmaneuver most of the human or animal enemies. A number of armies also used the wheels to transport soldiers in confined armored spaces, allowing them to reach enemy gates without facing any serious fight. As time passed on, the wheels were used to move around canons, which did a lot of damage to the enemy defenses. Even to this day, wheel is a common tool that is used in a large number of industries as it has a ton of uses.

Speedy Communications

Back in the day, it was very difficult to keep tabs on your enemies as the countries had to send their spies there and then wait for them to comeback so they could know what’s happening on the other side. Spies obviously need a lot of time to come up with something substantial on their visits. Realizing this shortcoming, communication devices started coming into existence, and nowadays they have evolved into smartphones and computers which are available for almost everyone. Not only that, these tools also allowed security agencies to keep tabs on most of the communication to spot and deal with risks to national or international security. Just a simple need of the past has become a lifestyle in the modern age, and all this seems to have been a result of war.

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