droidvpn for android review

DroidVPN: Free Internet Security and Privacy VPN App for Android

Our detailed DroidVPN review will give you an idea how it fares in different areas, as well as help you understand why it’s been included in the number two spot in our list of best Android VPN apps at http://www.techomag.com/best-vpn-free-android/.

What is DroidVPN and Why You Should Use It

DroidVPN is a free internet security, freedom, and privacy app for Android that is equipped with a variety of features that make it possible to enjoy a secure, anonymous and uninhibited online experience. You’d find yourself in need of such an app if connecting to a public Wi-Fi is routine for you, or if local Internet restrictions are preventing you from accessing the websites of your choice. Its ICMP tunneling ability is hand-down its most attractive feature, setting it apart from other apps in the category. However, this often leads to misconception about the app being capable of serving as an alternative to ISP.

Complete List of Features

  • Encrypted traffic
  • Speeds up browsing by blocking ads
  • Supports ICMP tunneling
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Gives access to blocked websites
  • 1-tap connect
  • 100MB free data usage every day for free users
  • Unlimited server switch

Requirements for Using DroidVPN

  • Root Android that is below version 4.0
  • Working tun.ko needs to be installed on earlier versions of Android
  • Working internet connection required

How to Use DroidVPN on Android Smartphone and Tablet

Before you can start using Droid VPN, you need to register an email with the service on which it will send you your password. After you have installed the app and launched it, go through the configuration process and then tap the flag to select “Free Server” if you are on a free account. Press the circle button to connect and wait for a few seconds while the app secures your connection. When the button changes color, minimize the app and open your browser to start surfing the web securely, anonymously, and freely.

Reliable Security through Powerful Encryption Protocols

DroidVPN manages to deliver on its promise of protecting your data by securing your connection using its own VPN protocol. This provides impressive security over Wi-Fi as well as GPRS networks. Aside from tunneling the traffic through UDP, the app has an additional ability to tunnel it through ICMP as well, though only on rooted Android devices. This basically means that you can browse the Internet even when you are not permitted to do so, provided you can send pings. Just keep in mind that the app is not an alternative to your ISP.

Free and Premium Price Plans

You’ll find yourself with an option to either try out the free trial version that never expires, or go for the premium plan bearing a price tag of $4.99 per month. The latter obviously has more features and options, including the access to all the server locations. Furthermore, there is a 100MB/day data cap in the free version, whereas you get unlimited bandwidth on the premium version.

DroidVPN is easily one of the best VPN apps for the Android platform, effectively and efficiently doing exactly what one expect an app of its kind to do. Just make sure you upgrade to the premium plan if you want to get the maximum benefit from this app.

No Issues with the Log Policy

Well, there’s nothing to worry about here. The VPN app doesn’t keep track of your browsing activities. However, the developer has clearly mentioned in the privacy policy that certain data may be recorded. This includes time, data, duration, bandwidth consumption, etc.

Furthermore, it may even investigate an illegal activity that originates from its VPN server and cooperate with the law enforcement institutions if requested.

Unlimited Bandwidth for Fast Browsing Speed

If you want a speedy VPN service, then Droid VPN will not leave you disappointed. The browsing speed will only be limited your own ISP. The experience is nothing short of gratifying on the paid version of the app. As for the free version, there is a 100mb/day data cap on bandwidth consumption. With the speed that is offered, this limit runs out far too quickly for comfort.

Installing DroidVPN is Easy

There is hardly any rocket science involved in the process of installing DroidVPN on an Android platform. Just download the app from the Google Play store, and then follow the installation instructions to set it up on your Android device. To further add to the ease, the app comes pre-configured, making it convenient for even the uninitiated to start enjoying a secure and open Internet.

Details of Servers and Their Locations

You can access local content from 7 different countries as the service has its servers located in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Russia, Panama and Netherlands. However, only a few servers in United States and Netherlands are available to free users, thus limiting the openness of the web. Another thing that you need to be prepared for is server saturation. During peak hours, you will find yourself staring at the “server is full error”, particularly on the free version.

Customer Support is Friendly and Helpful

You would rarely find yourself stranded when faced with a problem while using DroidVPN. The support staff is responsive, replying to customer emails promptly, and actually knows what it’s talking about. You can also troubleshoot common problems by referring to the knowledge base section on the app’s website.

About the Developer of Droid VPN

DroidVPN Inc. is not exactly a household name, but the developer has managed to garner significant respect for its services on the Android platform. The reputation of the developer can be judged by the number of times its VPN has been downloaded, which, by the way, has gone beyond the one million mark.

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