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Ebay vs. Amazon – The Battle of Online Retailers

When it comes to online retailer and reselling our products, we’re always confused as which one would be the better option – Ebay or Amazon. Both of them have been stellar at their services, which makes this decision even harder. Both of them offer free shipments and both of have great track record. They barely make a mistake on your order and are always on time. Both of them provide brilliant customer services, so even if you have a problem, it gets resolved in an instant. Both of these online retailer giants have been at top of their game lately, which begs the question, who is the better amongst these two, and if there is indeed a winner, who is it and why. We explore different possibilities, services, perks, and features of both giants to answer these questions.

Fee Structure

If you are looking to sell something, you can’t just go and post on any of these platforms, you will have to pay a certain fee, and it’s better to know what you’ll be getting yourself into beforehand. When it comes to pricing, Ebay goes for a more singular route as it demands payment per listing. If you are going to list an ad, you will be paying a certain amount for it. On the other hand, Amazon offers monthly and yearly subscriptions which allow you to do unlimited posting without having to worry about payments. Both fee structures are viable – it really just depends on your usage. If you are going to be posting ads all of the time, then it’s better to go for Amazon and get yourself a yearly subscription. You will earn the tag of pro-seller and would be able to post as many listings as you want without much of a hassle. If you don’t post too many ads and just resell products from time to time, then Ebay’s singular listing feature works best for you. You can pay whenever you’re posting an ad, and that’s about it. In simpler terms, we can say – more ads = Amazon, fewer ads = Ebay.


Presentation is incredibly important and both of the sites realize that. This is why both of them have taken huge strides to improve the user interface on their platforms. Ebay has made it more streamline to buy new and used products without having to navigate to different menus. You just mention the name of the product you need, and the retailer provides you with the new and used options available on Ebay at that very moment. This makes it quite convenient for the users, as all of the choices have been presented to them upfront.

Amazon functions in a similar way as well. However, it tries to be less specific and provides a wide array of options pertaining to your research. Instead of just giving you details about the product you searched for, it also includes results that are close to it. If for example, you search for a PlayStation 4 console, then the options you will be provided will start with a standard PS4 version, and PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim would be on the list as well. If you extend the list even further, it will put Xbox One and PS Vita on it as well as alternatives, which is a huge help. It’s best suited for people that have less knowledge about the product they’re looking for and want to get all the options available in that particular category.

Both Ebay and Amazon have their perks when it comes to presentation and search results and just like the option above, it varies from individual to individual, if you are looking for a specific product, then go for Ebay and see what new and used products are available. If you don’t have much knowledge about the product you’re looking for, then you should definitely opt for Amazon.

Amazon Prime

Now, this is where things get tricky. Ebay doesn’t have any premium service that gives an edge to the customers in any way. However, Amazon has come out with the new service called Amazon Prime, which not only helps with the dealings on their site, but it also gives a ton of other benefits. With Amazon Prime, users get free same day delivery, free two-day delivery, discount at restaurants, unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows, unlimited streaming of music, unlimited storage for photos, access to Amazon Elements, access to Amazon Dash, early access on major discount deals, can rent books to read on Kindle, can borrow magazines, get new free books every month, discounts for family members, exclusive discounts on upcoming video games via Twitch Prime, and best part of all, this service can be shared amongst two individuals.

Ebay is a great platform and does what it intends to do pretty well. However, Amazon Prime alone is more than enough reason to opt for Amazon. You basically get each and everything on discount, which is a great deal for people who like to shop online. Also, Amazon Prime’s video and music service is filled with some awesome stuff, so just by subscribing you are getting access to that as well. Book readers are in heaven as they can read a lot of stuff for absolutely free. Moreover, it’s a brilliant tool for streamers as they get access to new video games at a discount, which previously was unheard of.

Unfortunately for Ebay, it is not providing any service of this sort. It is a simple retail site which allows you to buy and sell stuff and it is pretty good at it. However, the extra services that you can gain from Amazon Prime are incomparable. If you don’t shop at online retailers much and just want to sell some stuff off and on, then you can go for Ebay as it is easy to access and get used to and its singular price structure is great. However, if you are a dedicated online shopper and seller, then there is absolutely no reason to choose Ebay over Amazon.

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