[Review] Elite Keylogger Software for Mac

Most of the keyloggers that are currently available on the web are only available for Windows users. Mac users are largely ignored in this department. Some of the keyloggers that are actually available have their fair share of issues as well. In the midst of all this, we have Elite Keylogger, which is not new by any means, but is making itself known with its wide variety of features. It promises a ton of features like most keyloggers do, but unlike others, this keylogger software actually delivers. Almost every feature that one needs from a keylogger is present in it, which makes it all more special. Every single feature is necessary for the users in one way or another, and we have shed light on all of them below.

Online Monitoring

The major feature that is a requirement for keylogger is its ability to keep tabs on a device’s activity and Elite keylogger for Mac does that incredibly well. If you have been wondering how to monitor Mac activity, then this is the keylogger to get. Every single keystroke is recorded, which means that you get to know each and everything that is being done on a Mac device.

Ability to Track Passwords

Logging keystrokes is a great feature, but Elite Keylogger doesn’t stop here, it also offers ability to track passwords of various social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is really helpful feature for parents as they get to see who their children are connected with on social media and are able to protect them better. Parental control software for Mac have been lacking so having a feature like this definitely helps.

Hidden Screenshots

Elite Keylogger has a hidden screenshots feature. This feature basically takes screenshot every few seconds so that the users can see what is happening on other Mac devices. It’s a perfect monitoring feature and is rarely found in other software in the similar category.

Conversations Logging

All of the aforementioned features are integral but what really makes this software all so special is its ability to record the chats and emails. This means that you will be able to monitor almost all kinds of conversations, and that’s a huge help. Skype, Viber, Adium, and iChat are used excessively all over the world for communication and with the help of Elite Keylogger, you can keep tabs on the entire conversations taking place through them with ease.

Website Logging

Another brilliantly implemented feature is of website logging. Every single website that gets visited is logged and if you want to see a full report of it, you are provided that. Even if the history gets deleted, the record is kept safe for the users to see. This is another great parental control feature, which can be a huge help for the parents as they will get to see what kind of content their children are watching.


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that at this point, Elite is the best keylogger for Mac and if you have been looking for a Mac related keylogger, then you really don’t have to look anywhere else. The best part about this keylogger is that it can also serve as a parental control. Parents can make use of its features to protect their children from online threats. The best part about Elite Keylogger is that all the promised features are present in the actual software and they all work incredibly well. If you are interested, then you can download keylogger for Mac OS X from the store.

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