Facebook Bound to Innovate Global Digital Marketing Through “Home”

Global digital marketing is taking another big leap after Facebook (FB) has announced another project that will surely change the way we do advertising and communication.

According to the recent news reports, Facebook is calling this new venture as “Home”. Moreover this Social Media giant is cooking a TV ad for a marketing campaign which is a first among Social Media platforms. The concept of the project is to ensure that people will be receiving content from the friends, family members or the people they like every time they glimpse at their cell phones.

The buzz among digital marketers these days is that FB has found a way to show ads into the lock screens of mobile users without bugging them. Therefore, mobile users can also see the update streams from their Facebook friends as well as send a message to these people from anywhere in the world.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s renowned CEO, admitted in an interview that the company is doing this as a way to capture a big audience or potential FB users.  He even referred to a statistic result that an average mobile consumer is bound to look at his or her lock screen 100 times in a single day.

He added that it is pretty safe to imagine that those who will choose this application will be in touch with their friends and will be consuming more content from Facebook and its other partners.

Facebook is shifting its revenue mainly to the mobile usage than that of desktops which is aligned to the prediction that the world will be dominated by mobile users in the years to come. eMarketer predicted that FB is expected to gain $1.53 billion through the mobile ads this 2013 and nother $2.7 billion in 2014.

To reinforce the usage of Home, Facebook is to produce a television advertisement through the Wieden + Kennedy agency situated in Portland. In their press conference, Facebook screened a short preview of the ad. The ad showed a man who meets the same people he sees in his Facebook screen through his mobile phone. Another version is set to be shown on television while the company is bound to utilize its own advertising program to promote this content through its mobile page.

To tell the truth, this will definitely increase the marketing revenue of this Social Media giant. An announcement affirmed that FB will show ads in the style of news feeds much similar to the page post ads and sponsored stories. Zuckerberg indeed knows how to integrate or even deeply imbed the use of social media into the lives of people these days.  More news reports further confirmed that users who lock their phone will still see a visual content stream from FB friend or the page that they have liked.

Mobile companies are even creating a team up with FB. One of them is HTC whose new phone titled HTC First has already a Facebook Home installed. Other mobile phone consumers can easily download the Home app through Google Play.

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