Facebook To Introduce Pop-Up Posts for Its Users Very Soon!

Continuous innovations are what that keeps a social media platform engaging and entertaining. A user would find your social media account monotonous if it remains the same without getting updated from time to time.

Facebook has always shown diversity in terms of innovation and advancement. Every now and then, Facebook keeps us entertained with new features. From introducing games on Facebook Messenger to live streaming on Facebook to uploading 360 pictures, Facebook has surely come really far.

Not only this, now Facebook is ready to test pop-up posts. The social network giant is busy making some of your friend’s posts look exactly like chat windows in your desktop browser.

The Pop-Up Post Feature

Facebook really has a thing for chat windows. For the same reason, it is trying out on your friends’ posts as well. We have come to find out that Facebook is currently testing out a feature on its desktop site – the pop-up posts – where certain posts will be pushed to the bottom edge of the web browser. This feature will be similar to the instant messages that you get from your Facebook friend. Gmail also has the same feature for its instant messages and email composer.

The pop-up posts on Facebook have a text field that allows you to comment. You will also get an option to either see the full post or hide it.

Basically, users will get a new option where a new window will be opened up when someone comments on your post, replies to your comment or tags you in a comment. Users will have the authority to hide the conversation or turn off notifications from within the drop-down menu of the post.’

Worth The Wait

As per reports, Facebook is still testing out this new feature and has only released it to a few users before unleashing it widely for everyone.

Who wouldn’t love to see pop-up posts becoming similar to instant messages on Facebook? The users must be anxiously waiting for Facebook to release this latest feature worldwide because it’s really easy to use and very interactive.

This feature may also happen to be more beneficial for the advertisers because it will allow them to have sufficient time to see a certain post. The more the viewers, the more effective results will come out for the advertisers. As long as users are seeing a certain pop-up post – be it a social status or an advertising post – it’s a win-win situation for Facebook.

We can’t wait for Facebook to launch this exciting pop-up post feature. Are you excited?

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