New Facebook News Feed Algorithm to let Users Manage Viral Stories

Facebook is Changing News Feed Algorithm to Get Rid of Fake Viral Stories

Like, comments, and share buttons won’t amount to much now as Facebook is handing over the choice of what users see to them.

Facebook has decided to change algorithm of its News Feed once again to enable users to either ignore or pay attention to whatever news has gone viral.

Whenever something goes viral, you see and hear a lot about it because different pages, groups, and even your friends are talking about it. However, with the new algorithm, it is pure democracy – Facebook will ask users about a certain news story that has gone viral and if most of the people vote to not see it on their News Feed, then it will stop showing up for everyone.

Facebook further explains its upcoming algorithm in a post which reads:

“With this update, if a significant amount of people tell us they would prefer to see other posts more than that particular viral post, we’ll take that into account when ranking, so that viral post might show up lower in people’s feeds in the future, since it might not actually be interesting to people.”

As of now, Facebook’s algorithm just takes into account the number of likes, shares and comments. Any post which has a lot of these will keep showing up on the News Feed even if it doesn’t contain anything useful. However, after the update, what people see and what they don’t will be entirely up to them.


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