Messenger App for Facebook gets First Real Game

Facebook Messenger App Gets its First Game

Doodle Draw, the first game for Facebook Messenger, is similar to Draw Something and Pictionary.

Facebook Messenger gets its first “real” game app shortly after Facebook opened the platform for third-party apps. Even though the Messenger platform is already offering content creation apps like GIFs and sound effect maker, yet they are not even close to a game.

This game can be downloaded from Google Play Store and App store. There is also a “more” tab in the Messenger chat menu.

In this game, you simply pick a word and then you have to draw it on the screen using four basic colors; black, blue, yellow and red. These drawings can be shared on Facebook or sent to friends through Facebook Messenger. The real fun starts when friends try to guess the word.

This game seems real fun, but there might be one problem for those people who do not want to be bothered by others. Players get extra points if they convince other friends to participate in this game. This may result in players spamming their contacts.

There are no words from Facebook as to when 600 million users of Facebook Messenger will get another game to play.


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