Facebook Push Notification supported on Chrome

Facebook Partners up With Google to Bring Push Notifications to Chrome

New push notifications will come in handy for Facebook and Chrome users.

Lack of push notifications on mobile phones have always been a nuisance for the developers. However, Facebook is looking to change that. It is collaborating with Google to bring push notifications to the users of Google Chrome.

Now users will be able to access m.facebook.com and enable push notifications. This will allow users to receive all of their Facebook related notifications on Google Chrome.

Facebook’s product manager Jonathan McKay revealed that this push notification feature has already been rolled out, and it has started to bring in more people to the app.

“We’ve seen an increase in visitation from launching push notifications. A great lever for re-engagement to the site [from]…people who might not use Facebook as much. This is pushing the best content out to them so they don’t have to proactively go to the service.”

It is certainly a good initiative and will certainly help both Facebook and Google in expanding their user-base.

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