Firefox to End Support for Most Web Plugins by End of 2016

Firefox to Remove Support for Most Web Plugins by End of 2016

Plugins were blamed for poor performance, frequent crashes, battery consumption, and security risks, which is one of the several reasons the company has decided to dump them.

Following in the footsteps of Google and Microsoft, Mozilla has revealed its plan to drop support for most of its NPAPI plugins in all versions of Firefox by the end of 2016. This includes Java and Silverlight. However, noticeably missing from the list is Flash.

The decision is not much of a surprise as the company stopped adding plugins by-default on its browser several years back, leaving its users with no option but to add them manually.

Web plugins have been an important part of web browsers as they offer features which are not natively supported by the browsers. However, after the arrival of HTLM5, the plugins have lost their importance.

“Mozilla continues to prioritize features that will make it possible for sites to switch away from plugins. Features such as clipboard access which used to require plugins are now available via native Web APIs”, Mozilla stated in an official blog post.

The decision, if implemented, will enhance user experience by overcoming issues like poor performance, system crashes and security risks caused by plugins.


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