Google Docs Updated With 450 New Fonts & 60 New Templates [Google Update]

Google docs use photoshop , powerpoint , word and pdf files

Google in its official blog today announced some more new web fonts to its product Google Docs. With this new update you can now easily use the newly added 450+ fonts in your Google Document. All of these Fonts are already being available to us by Google in its Web Fonts site, which is for web designers. Apart from this update , Google had also added some over 60 new templates over the last month to its Template Gallery.

450 new fonts to Google Docs or Google Documents [Update]

That’s not it , it has also improved its support for screenreaders in Google Docs. Apart from that Google has also added up some more extra Options to insert images into the Documents and also adding up support for Google Drive ,  Webcam’s etc.  Users can now search in the Google’s LIFE photo archive for finding their required images.

calibri , new Fonts to Google Docs Editor

Hopefully This new update by Google will bring about more usage on Google Docs which was earlier restricted with only standard fonts such as Arial , Trebuchet, Comic sans , Verdana and Georgia. With this awesome update user’s can now even read and write Documents from other fonts which wasn’t available before.

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