Google releasing new music streaming service.

Google Launches Free Music Streaming Service Ahead of Apple

Apple’s upcoming music service might get affected by Google’s latest decision.

Apple is going to launch its highly anticipated music streaming service called Apple Music on June 30. However, Google has one-upped Apple by making its Google Play Music service available to all Android users, and that too for free.

Google Play Music service will come with ad supported tiers that will offer curated playlists to the users. Users are being handed out playlists, which means they will not have any control over the songs they are listening to. This might not appeal to a lot of users, but Google thinks this move is the right one to make.

A company’s representative described how this move will benefit the users.

“They (users) want the music to be awesome. They want it to be contextually relevant, but they don’t want to tweak a lot of knobs.”

The rep continued on to mention that most people just want to sit back and listen to whatever comes on, and those people would love their time with the Google’s latest music service.

Android users will be able to benefit from this service starting today, whereas iOS users will also be getting it in the next few days.


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