Google Android 7.1

Google Planning to Release Two Smartphones and a Tablet in 2016

Rumors are that along with two new smartphones, Google is planning to launch a 7-inch Android tablet in the near future. Only things confirmed about the tablet so far is that it comes with 4GB RAM, is made by Huawei, and will release by the end of 2016.

It seems that Google is looking to take the Apple route this time around. It will introduce two new smartphones, one regular sized called Pixel and a bit larger one called Pixel XL. To accompany both of these smartphones, the tech giant will release the Huawei-created tablet.

As of now, Apple and Samsung rule the market, but both of them have some major problems this year. If Google comes up with a perfect product, containing all the features people crave for, then it’s quite likely that they will be able to make their place in the market.


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