Google ShutDown iGoogle, Google Video, Google Mini & many other Services

google-shutdownRecently Google has been actively engaged in Shutting Down various of its services and later combining these feature in its new products. Google calls this mission spring clean, in which it has already closed down over 30 of its products or you can say combined 30 products into a fewer services. Today , Google announced that it is going to Shutdown 5 of its services iGoogleGoogle Video, Google Mini, Google Talk Chatback and Symbian Search App.

Google Talk Chatback which allows to embed Google Talk widget to websites, helps in engaging visitors to the website is also being Shutdown. And Google encourages websites to use Meebo bar instead. Symbian Search App will also be shutdown soon and Google is planning to improve its mobile web search experience for its users.


Google Video had stopped taking newer uploads in 2009 but the files were later transferred to Youtube hosts. Google today announced that it is going to completely move the remaining Google Video content to YouTube as a private videos that can be accessed in YouTube video manager. The previous users have time untill August 20 to migrate the video to somewhere else, delete the video or Download it. Details about this are provided in YouTube blog.


iGoogle is expected to shutdown by November 1, 2013. It was launched way back in 2005 when people were just entering into internet world, at that time with its personified environment it was a huge success. But due to the recent advancement of chrome browsers and mobile apps the use of it has degraded over time. That’s the main reason for the shutting down of iGoogle service as said by Google in its official blog. The iGoogle users will still have a 16 months time to make use of it.

igoogle shutdowm

The Google Mini which was introduced first by Google in the year 2005 used to be an important part  of Google search. It had served its purpose in its long run and Google has decided to discontinue this service by July 31, since other Google search products like Google Search Appliance, Google Site Search and Google Commerce Search provide better Functionality than Google Mini. But Google has assured its Mini customers to provide them technical support for the duration of their contracts.

 You can find more about this closure here. Though Google has been shutting Down many of its services , it has assured that this is a part of improving their services and make people’s life much simpler. Moreover with over 30 of its products under trash we can expect an even Bigger and a Better Product which is yet to be announced from Google.

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