Google Tilt Brush Seems Like the Best App for VR Device

The arrival and success of virtual reality devices have opened the doors for innovations and developers around the world are obliging. We have seen some awesome games made available for these platforms that make you feel like you’re in a completely different dimension. Now Google is diving into the action as well, but it doesn’t want to go on the gaming side. Instead, it is offering something different altogether. The VR app Google is working on is called Tilt Brush and it can be used to turn your room into a 3D painting gallery. The opportunities are endless, literally. If you have a VR device, you’ll be able to get your hands on this tool upon its launch and can create anything you want. This app offers some spectacular prospects and can easily become THE app for VR devices.

Endless Possibilities

The reason me and everyone around me is excited about Tilt Brush is because of its amazing offerings. You just have to use your controller, let your imagination loose, and you can draw anything you want, be it a painting of a certain place, certain animal, certain view, certain person, or any other thing that piques your interest.

This app allows you to be as creative as you can possibly be and come up with different artwork. You can create a purpose for this app and use drawings to express yourself or you can use it express the problems that you see in the society. If that’s not your thing, then you can simply use it as a fun tool. As I said above, the possibilities are endless. You are handed over the tool, and then you can do whatever it is you want with it.

Wider Audience

Another brilliant thing about Tilt Brush is that it is created keeping in mind people of all ages. Creativity knows no bounds and Google realizes that. You can use this app to create tons of drawings of your own or you can give it your children and let them do their magic. It is definitely better than playing smartphones games the whole day. This activity will make them think and you’d be surprised at how artistic children can be. Their mind is full of imaginations and they can use those imaginations to come up with a lot of amazing stuff. The apps currently available on smartphones drain people’s energy and don’t really give anything in return. Although Tilt Brush is coming up with something that will also drain some energy, the difference is that it will provide users with a sense of accomplishment when they’re done creating things. You can be as silly as you want with this app or you can create something really spectacular.

Tilt Brush is all about creativity. It’s great for grownups and it’s great for kids. We spend a large chunk of our time on smartphones on useless blabbering, browsing, and games – they serve absolutely no purpose. However, with this app at your disposal, you will actually have something to do and in the end, you won’t feel exhausted or tired instead creating something will give you satisfaction and you will be motivated to come do it again the next day. The purpose of this tool is to enhance creativity and have fun, and from the looks of it, it seems that Google Tilt Brush will deliver on both ends. There’s no release date provided for it just yet, but it is said to launch in the near future.

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