Google to release Wireless Service for Nexus 6

Google Wireless Service Launching Today?

It has been reported that Google is planning to launch its wireless service today, but only on its Nexus 6 smartphone.

Google has been in news for quite some time, reportedly working on its own wireless service. No official announcement regarding the release of this service has been made so far, but a recent report on The Wall Street Journal suggests that Google’s new service is set to launch within the next few hours.

With this new service, Google is hoping to surpass multiple wireless provides like Verizon and AT&T. The biggest advantage that this new service will offer to the users is that they would only have to pay for data they have actually used. The other services in the same business charge users a lump sum amount for a limited data usage.

According to the report, Google will come up with two different types of offers for its users. When using Wi-Fi, users’ phones will only utilize the data from that particular network. When the user is out of Wi-Fi range, phones will use mobile cellular data which, of course, will cost more.

However, Google is not going to create its own wireless network for the service. Instead, it has made a deal with a couple of popular US carriers, namely Sprint and T-Mobile, for their networks. Initially, Google’s upcoming service will be made available only on Nexus 6 smartphone. After that, Google may open up their services to more smartphones.


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