How to Effectively Promote Your Blog Posts

About two years ago, getting traffic was little bit easier than today. You need to write little bit quality, add some banned SEO tricks and then hit the publish button, that’s it!

Google algorithms were easily by passed to get better PageRank and good SERP rankings. But these days all these things don’t work.

Now to get success in blogging or website promoting or internet marketing business, you need to learn what actually provides quality to a reader, that’s it!

Google wants that you concentrate on providing better information to the readers rather than concentrating on the search engine algorithms and all those stuff which Google is trying to ban one by one.

So let us come to the current era of blogging and I’m now moving on the main topic i.e. how to effectively promote your blog posts.

As these days, it will be very hard for you to get traffic on your blog if you didn’t change your SEO strategies the way Google wanted to. So, to get traffic you need to promote your blog.

There are two locations where you can promote your blog. First one is the search engines and second one is social networks or forums.

Now promoting on Search engine depends on quality and professionalism. You need to write quality information and off course the unique one. Interact with your readers and show your face and professional profile to them. This is how you can promote your blog over the search engines.

But all these things need time to learn and execute and you want quick results.

So you need to go for the second option i.e. social network or forums. Promotion on social networks and forums is also term as social marketing.

Difference between Forum and Social Network

According to developers, there is a huge difference between these two but as a SEO or Webmaster there are not much differences rather one huge similarity on which you need to concentrate.

At forums, users post their problem to search for best possible answers from experts and at social networks you promote your services or authority to help them. So, in both cases you need to help them and it will help your blog in back.

Now question comes is, how?

You need to have a very strong social network first i.e. thousands of people connected over Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Now when you promote your blog on these networks then people will visit your blog if they want to know the information about your blog’s topic.

If you don’t have lots of people connected then start connecting today. It will be better if you connect to people who are in your professional.

Next thing you need to do is start answering to problems and discussions going on various forums over the internet. There are plenty of forums available over the internet and you can answer them. In return, you can promote your blog as well there and if people find it useful then they will definitely visit your blog.


Comment on ComLuv Enabled Blogs

The topic is doesn’t mean not to comment on other blogs, but comluv enabled blogs serves your recent blog posts, you may promote up to 10 recent posts and your effective comment will bring potential clients to visit your blog by the comluv back links. If you’ve business blog, you can bring potential visitors attention to your business website and they may end up with your regular clients/customers. All you do is finding comluv based active blogs and make a spreadsheet list and comment o those blogs on daily basis. If you make it spreadsheet, you can track everuthing by this way.


These were some tips to promote your blog and in fact there is hundreds of ways that you can promote your blog, we can discuss later. If you’re using any effective ways, your expressions are welcome in the form of comment.

About Author: Guest post by Eugene Glibert, he is a professional copywriter and proud member of Designmodo Web Design Blog, visit the site to win free templates.

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