How To Get your New Facebook Profile (Timeline)

Facebook has today released its New Facebook Timeline for Facebook developers for testing. And Facebook will implement this to all its Facebook user accounts by 29th September, 2011. At present it is only available for the users having Facebook developer account. For non developer’s you can also apply for an earlier test account by applying for a developer account. Follow the below given steps correctly to get your facebook new profile.

Facebook is all lighten up with its features. From last month onward’s we were constantly experiencing many of the Facebook changes some were utter failure and some were total success. Especially some changes like the sidebar feeds and new photo displaying styles were quite well appreciated but some additions like left side chatbar were not liked by many.

 Steps to get your New Facebook Timeline Feature

1) First of all you need to visit the Facebook Developer Apps Page. If it ask’s you for any permission click on “Allow” button.

2) You will see a Page just like the below image. Now you need to click on “Create New App“.

3) Now a popup will show up asking for “App Display Name” and “App Namespace” . Fill it with anything you want. The name doesn’t matter.

Click on the checkbox “I agree to the platform privacy policy.

Now click on Continue button and fill in the Captcha code correctly.

4) After you’ve verify yourself by filling the right Captcha code in the above step , you will see a screen just like in the below figure. Now click on “Open Graph” on the left side.

5)  In the next screen , again fill the two boxes with anything ( text doesn’t matter) and click on the button “Get Started” as shown in the figure below.

6) leave everything on this page as it is and scroll down to the bottom and click on the button “Save Changes and Next“. Follow the similar step for the next screens.

7) Now you will be taken to the page as shown below. Wait for few minutes so that the changes take effect, and then go to your Facebook homepage.

8) You are not done yet , When you reach your Facebook homepage, you’ll see a notification in your news feed just as shown in the figure below (if you cant see it , wait for some more time and reload the page).

Now Click on Get It Now and you are done.

9) After following the 1st 8 steps you will see your new profile page looks when you visit your profile. Here you can change your way your profile page looks in new timeline. And when you done with it click on “Publish Now” which can be found on top of the page , ie , just above your profile pic.

This is how your profile will look like after you make changes and publish it. Enjoy !

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