How to Install Third-Party Android App Stores

Google Play store has a huge collection of some of the best apps, but there are times when you fail to find your favorite app there. There may be several reasons behind it; the app may not fulfill Google’s quality criteria, or is specific to a certain region. Whatever the reasons are, good thing is that you can install these apps through third-party app stores. There are various marketplaces other than Google Play store that offer interesting apps. Sometimes, these app stores offer premium apps free of cost. Without further ado, here’s a quick guide to install third-party app stores on your Android device.

1. Change Security Settings to Allow Third-Party Android App Store

Google does not encourage installing third-party app stores and third-party apps due to security concerns, but still you can install them by changing the security settings on your device. For this purpose, go to Settings>Security>Unknown Sources and check the box next to it. This will give you the permission to install apps from sources other than Google Play store.

2. Open Your Web Browser

Now open your web browser and start looking for different Android app stores. There are several of them, but Amazon is the most popular and reliable of the lot, after Google Play store of course. Enter in the address bar and press Go to download this app store.

3. Start the Installation

You will get a warning that this file may harm the device. Ignore the warning and press OK to start the downloading process. This will just download the apk file and not install the app. The app will ask for your permission to get access to your data. Press OK and hit Install to start the installation process.

4. Create an Account

You will get a notification that the app is successfully installed. Go to the Apps menu on your device and click on the Amazon app to start using it. You will have to create an account on Amazon app store by entering your email address or phone number along with a strong password. Complete the sign-up process and start exploring the many apps that are not available on Google Play store.

Note: Make sure you fully understand the risk before downloading and installing any third-party app store and apps on your Android device.

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