Indiana Jones: The Original Adventure PC Game Review


With the release of the action adventure game Lego Indiana Jones : The Original Adventures, Harrison Ford becomes the first actor to be turned into a Lego video game character twice. Original Adventure sets the first three Indiana Jones movies in Lego universe.A toy Indy travels through the jungles filled with trees and explore caves populated by Lego snakes,battling soldiers,thugs and religious zealots who when vanished, collapse into a pile Lego pieces.

Scenes from the films are recreated in amusing animated sequences that poke gentle fun at the movies.But the games aren’t about the story as much as they are about breaking stuff  and solving puzzles,the latter of which frequently involves breaking stuff.Smashing Lego furniture releases coins and sometimes piles of tiles can be used to build other things like the ladder.Indy is accompanied by various characters from the movies, and the player must switch from one to the next , since they all have different skills.Women can jump higher than men, while Short Round, the boy from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,can crawl through the small entrances to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.Indy himself is able to use his whip as grappling hook or to grab out of reach objects.He can use it to snare a leading lady to bring her towards him for a quick kiss.

The game has a good feel for the movies, creating convincing Lego simulations of film locations and using character traits in the game play.Indy’s snake phobia means that he will refuse to move until you can clear away a nest of reptiles, while Willie from Temple of Doom can use her piercing scream to break glass.


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Compact in the game is more cute than challenging.And if Indy is bested, he simply collapses into a pile of Legos and is then resurrected. The game’s puzzles make the player work little harder, and some are clever, but the puzzles are compact and do become repetitive, although not to the point where the game stops being fun.This simple game play is appropriate to the game’s primary target audience – children.But it is notable just just how much fun adults, too, can have with it.

The game ‘Lego Indiana Jones:The Original’ is developed by Traveller’s Tales for X360,Play station 3,play station 2,Wii.The game mainly targets the children aged around 10.The important thing about this game is that the game is also making fun for adults too. The graphics of the game is comparable with any other game in the same range.The main popularity of the game is because of the popularity of the character Indiana Jones in the movies. The is also keeping its level by the super puzzles and graphics.

lego-indiana-jones-the-original-adventures- game screenshot

 The is getting fabulous response from the audience, especially from children because of the character Indiana Jones.The giving importance for creating fun in the children aged around 10.The game is succeeded for  that too,because  of the publicity given to the launching.The is expected to  promote the Indiana Jones movies too.

The retail price of the is $40-50,varies with the version.Developers are expecting that the collection will break the record of other games at this series.

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