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iPhone 7 Battery Size Leaked

Leaks regarding iPhone 7 have started to happen way too often and we now know almost everything we need to know about the product including how it looks. However, one thing that we didn’t know about was the battery size. We knew it’d be bigger than iPhone 6s, but the question was, how big? We finally have an answer for that.

Popular Twitter account for leaks called OnLeaks claims that the upcoming iteration of iPhone will feature 1960mAh battery, which is a bit of an upgrade from 1715mAh battery that’s present in iPhone 6s.

It’s not as much of an upgrade that we wanted to see, but it is still an upscale from the last year’s model. It doesn’t look like it will have much impact on extending battery life, but it is too soon to jump to conclusions. Let’s wait until we finally get our hands on iPhone 7, and then we’ll finally put the new battery to test.

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