iShoot Review – A Fun Way to Pass The Time for iPhone Users

Millions of apps are released on the App Store every single week but most of them are downright trash and don’t even deserve to get downloaded. However, one app that has gotten everyone’s attention lately is iShoot. This is a fitting name for the app because that is what you will mostly be doing while using it. It basically is a turn based tank game that allows multiple people to play at the same time. There have been multiple competitive games on smartphones, but due to their bad infrastructure, they failed to leave their mark. Fortunately, that’s not the case with iShoot. It has incredible servers that support four player competitive plays with ease. You have the option to play it with up to four of your friends or go in alone. If you are going solo, then you will go against three AI opponents. So, the options are there and you can utilize them in any way you want, the choice is all yours.


You must have come across dozens of apps that try to do too much but fail in their attempt. That is largely due to lack of support from the back-end. They add too much stuff, which makes them harder to handle for the smartphones and the game suffers from huge frame rate drops and crashes. On the other hand, iShoot is a pretty simple looking game. It doesn’t take much of your storage space and isn’t too heavy on your RAM either. This allows for a smoother and better experience. In my time playing the game, I didn’t encounter a single FPS drop or a crash even when I was playing with my friends. On performance front, this app delivers big time.


The app doesn’t disappoint in this department either.  Your tank is equipped 25 unique weapons with each bringing their own style of gameplay to the table. Another thing that makes the gameplay feel so good is the locations. They developers have chosen real life landscapes and they are fully destructible. Different terrains have different advantages and disadvantages, and you are forced to adjust to each landscape. This keeps you on your toes at all times as you have to think ahead of your opponents.


iShoot is an absolute blast to play alone, but if you want the fun to be long lasting, then you need to play it with friends – more the merrier. Having four friends battling it out in the middle of the terrain is fun, exciting, and provides amazing thrill. Other competitive games have tried their best to bring this kind of feeling to mobile games, but they have failed in their attempts. iShoot however, is brilliant in this regard as it is able to generate the sense of thrill. Having raw power does very little in this game as you are forced to think and strategize. Only way to get out unscathed is by outsmarting your opponent, which is easier said than done. If you are looking for a new intense game to play on your smartphone devices, then iShoot comes highly recommended. As the name suggests, this app is only available for iOS devices. So, those of you running Android and Windows operating systems are out of luck.

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