JBL E55BT Review – Performance, Comfort, and Price Makes It a Must-Have

A good headset costs a fortune these days, but unfortunately, not everyone can afford them. The best headsets are priced around $300 to $800 and that’s a lot of money. Realizing how much of a nuisance getting a more than decent headphone was becoming, JBL has introduced E55BT headset. It retails at $150 and can provide performance comparable to the high-end headphones. If you’re one of those people who can’t afford an overly expensive headset, then you should definitely give it a try. What features it comes with and how it improves the overall user experience have been detailed below.


People who use over the ear headphones want it to be comfortable because they are planning to wear them most of time. JBL E55BT delivers on that front – the headset is extremely comfortable and no matter how long you have it put on, it doesn’t leave a mark or becomes an annoyance. If you were afraid that a mid-ranged headset will not be able to deliver on the comfort point, then you have been proved wrong here. JBL’s effort here must be recognized because they are one of the very few manufacturers who have worked so hard on bringing comfort to the users who can’t afford or don’t want high-end headsets.


Second thing to look for in a headset is performance and it doesn’t disappoint here either. The surround sound is remarkably done and provides great value for the money. The bass sound is done brilliantly as it does not get boomy in any situation. You get the perfect combination of sound and music. It’s great for people of all hobbies – you can use it for music as the sound is great, you can use it for movies and TV shows as well. The directional queues are also present so that will help with your gaming needs.


The design is good, but it’s nothing spectacular. However, it can be folded together which is a huge help, especially if you like carrying them to your workplace, school, or just use them during your travels.


With mid-volume, the battery can last for over 20 hours and that is more than one could ask for in this price range. You can charge and use it daily without having to plug charging cables into your computer all the time.


JBL E55BT is an incredible headphone – if you have been looking for one, but can’t afford the really expensive ones, then this is your best option. The sound quality, battery timing, and performance are nearly perfect. And the best part about this headphone is how comfortable it is. Most of the headsets in this price range don’t really focus on comfort, but JBL has with its latest iteration has done just that, and that alone makes E55BT worth it.

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