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Jingling Free Traffic Software: Are You Ready to be Disappointed?

Whether you are a professional blogger, an owner of an e-commerce website, or a search engine optimization (SEO) expert, you probably realize that traffic is gold. Unfortunately, attracting traffic to a website or blog is one of the biggest challenges that stand in your way to success. A lot of bloggers, owners, and SEO experts struggle to cope with this challenge and end up turning to black hat techniques and tools to get visitors on their site. One of the tools that they often turn to for help is Jingling Free Traffic Software.

If you have not heard about this tool before, then you can pat yourself on the back for sticking to white hat SEO. However, if you are interested in knowing what Jingling is and why we are treating it with such disdain, then we are all set to reveal our reasons.

What is Jingling Traffic Software?

As mentioned earlier, Jingling is a free traffic generator tool that lets you get hits on your website or blog. The problem with these hits is that they are either fake or manipulated.

How does Jingling Deliver Traffic to Your Website or Blog?

Jingling delivers you free traffic by using either of the two methods:

  • Bot network (also known as Botnet)
  • Hidden script

The bot network works by redirecting internet users to your website or blog without their consent. The hidden script method, on the other hand, works in a stealthy manner.

The script is embedded on a website where people, mainly Chinese internet users, spend a lot of time. When they visit that website, the script secretly opens your website or blog in the background in such a way that it is not visible to them. This causes your websites or blog to get hits even though no one really visited it. Needless to say, these views are fake and useless.

How Can Jingling Hurt Your Website?

Like any other black hat SEO technique, Jingling is going to put you in the bad books of Google as it hates any kind of traffic manipulation. You may be thinking that you are managing to outsmart the multi-billion-dollar company that has some of the best minds in the industry working for it, but what you are really doing is digging the grave of your website or blog.

When Google catches on to what you have been doing, which it always does sooner or later, it will either send you a warning and ask you to stop. If you do not pay heed to it, it will make you pay for the manipulative practices by doing one of the following:

  • Hit your website or blog with an algorithmic penalty, causing you to lose your rankings in the search engine;
  • Deindex your website or blog;
  • Block your AdSense account for good.

Why is Jingling Still Being Used?

Now you must be wondering why people are still using Jingling despite the many risks it poses to a website or blog. Well, since getting traffic demands a lot of effort and patience, people often become restless and go for shortcuts. They do not stop to think about the potential consequences that they may have to suffer later on. Their eyes are set on the short-term prize, which, as a matter of fact, is nothing more than a false victory. Almost all of the people using Jingling come to regret it later when Google comes knocking on their digital door.

We advise you to avoid using Jingling Traffic Software and stick to white hat SEO practices. It may take some time for traffic to come to your website or blog, but if you remain persistent and keep putting in the hard work, you will definitely get the reward eventually.

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