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Back links play an integral role in your website’s search engine reputation. As the number of back links increases, your website’s ranking also gets increased gradually, if and only if the back links are of atleast a minimum quality. But even a single bad back link ( even if it is one among your 1000 backlinks ) can affect your site really really harmfully. No matter, how much effort you put on updating your site woth fresh contents or how much social media promotion you do, you are not gonna get one among the toppers in search results. Belive me, if this happens once, your website is not likely to get the “Google” Love anymore.

I know, what you are thinking now. Come on bloggers, dont get upset, here is a solution to check the quality of your back links, and its free ( optional though ).

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You can call it Dr.Link Check. The interesting part is that, you dont have to do anything other than just entering your website URL, after that just after a couple of seconds you will get a complete scan report of all your backlinks.

The nice, clean user interface tells you how much backlinks you have, how many of them are malicious , how many of them are balcklisted, how many of them are broken etc. Also, it shows the number of internal and external links.

Techomag’s Link Look Up results

While we were using Dr.Link Check for checking techomag’s links, we noticed that the free version support only 1000 links. But the software offers a 60 day package for each website at a cost of 10 dollars, which is really something cool about it.

The application is really useful for bloggers who really care about the search engine reputation of their blogs, and the 10 $ , does that matters when you get a 1000$ back :-).

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