lets play checkin games

I dunno how many of you use web services to check in and log your visits to out side world. The top players in this field are foursquare, loopt, gowalla and also facebook joining the party late. Facebook adopted the concept of places from its other competitors , but being the king, am sure soon it be the top service . but the good part is they played the game so fair, teaming up with services like foursquare, gowalla allowing sharing of the data back and forth.

well the features that differentiate this services is that foursquare follows more of a game based approach with achievements and mayorship, while gowalla got , in my opinion an awesome design. facebook places got more of a classy look and is well integrated to the facebook design . all most all this services feature smartphone apps , aiming data validation through the gps . though facebook and foursquare provide limited access via web based interfaces, but that to is limited to mobile devices.

well while talking about the check in feature, i forgot to mention, location is growing as a chief feature that powerup the web. from googles search suggestions based on locations to twitters tweet location data, its redefining the web.

well the main aim behind writing this post was well , lets get bit naught . thought i approve webbased check in will totally ruin the legitimacy of location data, how will a guy like me who don’t own a smart phone can make use of this service.

well gowalla, i must say there is no way. loopt i have never checked but lets see what we can do with


in past full foursquare features were almost available to mobile web users, but sadly now the mayor ship feature is reduced to app check in only. but we can still enjoy other feature.well it you have a mobile and data plan using foursquare is easy as eating cake. but

how to use foursquare on computer ?

its simple goto http://foursquare.com/mobile/ after logining in. thsi will give the mobile interface on your computer browzer. a good way to do mass checkins and earn badges 😉

tip:send foursquare checkin data to twitter to make a tweet with location data attached

facebook places

though meant for gps  based smart phones. facebook offers location service on http://touch.facebook.com . this too you can access from your browzer. well but the problem is facebook allows check ins only after data validation so you have to be near the location to check in there . and firefox api is not that accurate for broadband connection and so on . so its not that reliable. but you can do a test check in with this.


so guys enjoy the location sharing features and use it wisely as its easy way to get stalked .

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