easyguard technology

The Many Benefits Of EasyGuard Technology

Computers have made such a beneficial change in the lives of individuals around the world that it is hard to imagine anything that could possibly come close to this technological innovation. That is when EasyGuard Technology comes to play. EasyGuard is highly regarded as an improved hard drive protection from falls and accidents, yet for obvious reasons, this doesn’t say enough about this miracle computer technology, as any EasyGuard included computer user would easily agree.

This technological creation gladly offers protection against the daily grind and work stress that we as human beings unwittingly place upon our computers; the workhorses of our modern culture. With most coffee or tea drinkers, a thought of a time when they have almost or actually have accidentally spilled their coveted cup, EasyGuard saves the day by protecting their computers from liquid damage. Their data will be completely safe from being lost.

In this day and age of important personal and commercial data pilfering, EasyGuard snuffs out any attempt by an illegal assailant to steal what is not rightfully theirs. Unauthorized access into a computer’s firewall is unquestionably denied and reported to the unknowing, legal user. There are many functions inside an EasyGuard enhanced computer and one of these functions is an LCD Screen Rotation Utility in which the computer’s screen rotates 180 degrees in order for the user to share what he/she is presenting on the screen in an easier and more efficient way. Another technological advancement is the One-Touch Resolution Change, which is enabled by a simple stroke of a key. This is one feature that easily and quickly changes the size and/or crop of your beautiful picture of the vacation spot that you went to last week or the wedding portrait of your beloved daughter. The EasyGuard created wireless on/off switch enables the user to safely and easily turn the wireless capabilities off on their computer, thus enhancing the life of the computer’s battery.

Spills, crushes, drops, jolts and thefts: these scenarios seem like a lot to have to worry about, but seeing that most computers wind up scrap metal due to these occurrences, EasyGuard Technology offersup the most beneficial ways to protect the computer, if or when they do happen. With such hardware and software improvements as the 3D Motion Sensor, TPM and Fingerprint Reader and ConfigFree Software, EasyGuard is a truly beneficial addition to the modern computer system and positively will be in the long run as well. Being green is another feature that EasyGuard includes in its repertoire with lower power consumption than most computer competitors. This very important aspect is a coveted feature for many computer-driven businesses as well as environmentally savvy individuals.Protect your mobile workstations from Toshiba with the most advanced EasyGuard Technology available today.

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