McAfee Mobile Security Android Review

McAfee Mobile Security for Android: The Performance Speaks for Itself

McAfee Security & Antivirus is no amateur when it comes to combating myriad threats in the form of malware or even living entities like thieves. The app promises to shoot down your worries through a solid defense constituted of a wide range of features that include everything from reliable antivirus protection, web shield, app management, and call/SMS blocking to data backup, remote wipe and device tracking. McAfee definitely gives you a very good reason to put faith in its security app, but should you really do that and does the app live up to expectations? Read on to find your answers in this comprehensive review of McAfee Mobile Security.

Real Time Protection

McAfee Security & Antivirus is well aware of a threat’s tendency to attack at any time, which is why it works round to clock to protect your device while staying in the shadows. Fortunately, the protection doesn’t come at the price of device performance, as the app doesn’t put a great deal of burden on the processor, RAM or even battery for that matter.

Web Shield

Surfing the web on mobile devices is becoming a norm, thus making the platform an attractive target for hackers and malicious coders. McAfee offers a solid defense against the threat in the form of Web Shield. The tool blocks access to risky or fraudulent sites from texts, emails, QR codes and social networking sites, thus saving you from falling victim to the many traps that may have been laid out and letting you surf the web confidently.

App Manager

Similar to Windows Task Manager for the PC, App Manager lets you view details of the installed apps, including the permissions they enjoy on the device. The feature gives you a good idea about what the different apps are doing on your device and if they pose any kind of risk to your security and privacy.

Remote Locking

With your Android carrying a significant amount of your life’s happenings in it, the usefulness of a defense in the form of remote locking simply cannot be overstated. The feature lets you prevent unsolicited access to your device and the data on it in case you forget it somewhere or lose it to a thief. McAfee’s security app does the job of protecting your data just as you would want it to.


Acknowledging the severity of the threat posed by thieves, McAfee has integrated the device tracking feature into its security app to reinforce your sense of security. Even if your device gets swiped, you’d never truly lose it, as the feature lets you track its location and even map it on the map. You can also track inserted SIM cards and phone calls through remote SMS intimation, or remotely wipe your data to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. Of course, you can retrieve it later via the web portal, provided you backed it up. McAfee sure does add a lot of convenience to the task of locating a stolen or even lost device.

Privacy Report

To further enhance the security and privacy on your phone, McAfee Security & Antivirus dives deep into the installed apps to check what other features or spaces they are accessing. By providing you a greater insight, the app empowers you to better control your privacy and security.

Installation Guide/Help Manual

There is a fair amount of technicality involved in setting up McAfee Security & Antivirus on an Android. Fortunately, guides like this one How to install McAfee Mobile Security on Android makes the whole process extremely easy to understand and get through. Alternatively, you can use the help manual available on the company’s website to navigate your way through any difficulty that you come across.

Regular Updates

What good is a security app if it has no clue about the latest threats on the prowl, right? This is precisely why McAfee regularly updates the security definitions and database of its Android app. The updates are installed automatically, so you need not worry about ignoring the crucial updates and risk sitting with an obsolete defense.

Customer Support

Mobile security can be tricky, and the apps designed for the job don’t exactly make the whole thing any simpler, especially for the technologically impaired. It’s a good thing that McAfee attempts to tackle the problem by offering a reliable customer support through chat and email. When faced with a problem that’s putting your technical knowledge to test, you’d rarely find yourself deserted.

Premium Features

The premium version of McAfee’s security solution gives you access to an award-winning phone support, a promotion-free environment, and the option to backup media, which can prove invaluable in case your device gets stolen or circumstances compel you to wipe all your media from your device and SD card.


The app runs on Android version 2.3 and up.


You can use the 30-day free trial version of McAfee Security & Antivirus to explore its functionality and features. Once you’re satisfied with the basic functionality and require additional features, you may purchase the premium version.

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