Meerkat now supports Facebook

Meerkat Adds Support for Facebook

Meerkat finds a new home after Twitter cut it off from its social graph.

Now that Twitter has come up with its own video streaming app, it has kicked Meerkat off its social graph, which of course has impacted the overall popularity of the app.

Realizing that they need to do something about it, the developers of Meerkat have released a new update which adds Facebook support to the app. This means that from now on, you will be able to stream content on your Facebook through this app.

This is a smart move and will certainly help Meerkat gain back its footing which has been clearly affected since the launch of Periscope streaming app.

Meerkat gained popularity because it made streaming a whole lot easier even for the newcomers. You can start to stream the content whenever you feel like it. Furthermore, it features a scheduling option which notifies everyone in your friends list about the streaming event that will take place at a certain date and time.

Twitter is trying its best to get ahead of Meerkat, but it won’t be easy, especially considering Meerkat’s release on Android whereas Twitter’s Periscope app is still restricted to iOS. With over 80% of users preferring Android over other platforms, Meerkat clearly has more room to grow. However, there is a chance for the tide to turn if Periscope also makes its way to Android.


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