The brand-new Mario game debuts on Nintendo: Super Mario Odyssey

Last week, Nintendo took everyone by surprise. It launched a brand-new Mario game titled ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ on a brand-new game console. This pristine, 3-D Mario game is now available on the Nintendo Switch. It’s an exciting news for the Nintendo and Mario game lovers.

Nintendo unleashed ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ in a flashy trailer on Thursday night on its YouTube Channel.

We have given a breakdown of what you can expect from this brand-new Mario game below:

3D Game

This is all in all a 3D Super Mario game that also surpasses ‘Super Mario 64’ and ‘Super Mario Galaxy.’ The world existing in the game is segmented into levels that are open-ended and massive, making it a ‘sandbox-style’ game.

Real-World Experience

Mario explores a wide range of real-world locations in this game. He gets from place to place with the help of a flying ship! How cool is that?

Day and Night

This game comes with a day and night concept where we can Mario moving around during day and night time. He is literally shown freezing at night.

Crazy Cap Feature

There’s also a Crazy Cap Store in this game that lets Mario walk into the store and get new caps for himself. These caps might become power-ups for him later on. Who knows! Figure out yourself!

Bounce with Cap

Speaking of caps, there’s a whole lot more to this feature. In the game trailer, Mario is seen throwing his cap which floats in the air, thus providing a platform where Mario can bounce to greater heights by simply stepping onto it. He can also throw around the cap like a projectile in a complete boomerang-style.

Bowser is Back!

And yes, how can we forget Mario’s foe – Bowser! He is back in ‘Super Mario Odyssey’. As per the trailer, it seems he is about to get married to Princess Peach which Mario is clearly not very pleased about.

Realistic World

A lot of Mario games have been brought into the market but none of them could fully show the concept of a tiny Mario surviving in a massive world in such a realistic way. Therefore, we should give kudos to the Nintendo team.

We’re sure we got you pretty excited for this enticing game. Catch the aesthetic beauty of this game in its full trailer down below!


‘Super Mario Odyssey’ has been planned to release in the holiday 2017 on the Nintendo Switch.

Move on from playing Mario game on your iPhone because soon you will have the full-fledged and an even better version on the Nintendo Switch!

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