The Night Shift Mode Has Made a Way Into macOS Sierra

Apple has brought an incredible news for its users and fans all across the globe.

The latest software beta has revealed that the desktop version of macOS Sierra will now have the night shift feature!

Yes, you’ve heard it right! The famous night shift feature from iOS that gradually shifts the color temperature of your display at night will now be available in macOS Sierra as well. This feature will be made available in an upcoming update.

The Night Shift Feature

Going back, let us tell you that the night shift feature was introduced by Apple in iOS 9.3 in March 2016.

The purpose of the night shift feature was to shift the colors in the display screen to the warmer end of the spectrum to reduce the strain on users’ eyes caused by harsh blue light in a dark room. Many studies have proved that the harsh blue light emanating from the display during evening can affect your circadian rhythms, making it harder for you to sleep.

Once the display of your device shifts into a warm color temperature, your eyes would no longer feel strained and you will most likely be able to have a better sleep.

Users will be able to preschedule the night shift feature with a timetable on their iOS or can set it to an automatic on and off switch that is based on when the sun sets in their current geographical location.

Available Via Third-Party App

Surprisingly, the same feature had been made available in an app earlier namely F.lux. This app works for macOS, Android, LINUX, and Windows. Users had to download this third-party app to use the night shift feature.

However, Apple is known for replicating the functionality of third party apps with its own operating systems.

Releasing Soon

Only the beta version of the night feature update is available for the developers. The release date of the update is still not known. You can most likely expect to see the update sometime in March of April this year.


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