Why More NYC Residents Are Receiving Urgent And Emergency Care Online

Many medical professionals are currently offering online urgent and emergency care in NYC.  Although these services can vary dramatically from one to the next, they are all capable of supplying people with a range of important benefits.  In highly populated areas, visiting ER facilities without advanced warning can be nightmarish.  Exposure levels are significantly increased when walking into many of these locations, especially for those individuals who have compromised immune systems.  Moreover, waiting for individual care can be extremely uncomfortable when suffering from the symptoms of an illness or injury.

How Online Medical Care Can Help

The most obvious way in which these services can prove helpful to people who are ill, is by providing them with access to timely information that could help to alleviate their symptoms or determine the severity of their issues.  For new parents, even the slightest bump or bruise will often warrant a trip to the ER.  In reality, however, when these trips are unnecessary, parents are simply exposing their children to an array of germs and communicable illness, without adequate cause.  Assessing the behaviors of a toddler or infant after a slip or fall and then using online tools to determine whether medical attention is required, will often spare people long waits in local hospitals.

This same is also true for adults.  When the symptoms of an illness arise, people may not know how to determine whether they have an infection, a common cold or a virus that the body can fight off on its own.  This is certainly the case during the flu and cold season when urgent care facilities are packed with patients that have fevers, chills, runny noses and persistent coughs.  Bundling up, drinking plenty of fluids and taking care to moderate body temperatures may be the best actions to take.  Going out in the blustery cold to sit among other sick individuals could cause more harm than good.  This is why it is often best to assess symptoms via online platforms, such as Blitzcare, before deciding to take a quick trip to the hospital.

These Systems Allow Hospitals To Work More Effectively

When hospitals and urgent care facilities are not inundated with patients who do not have urgent needs, they become far better able to attend to the people who really need their help.  They can staff themselves appropriately and their will be more time for each provider to spend with his or her patients.  This increases the quality of care that all parties provide or receive.

More importantly, these online urgent care systems can also help to convey important information to NYC doctors.  Before patients arrive these professionals can develop an advance knowledge of the symptoms that a person is dealing with and will therefore be better prepared for addressing the related issues.  This gives medical professionals ample opportunity to quarantine those parties with highly communicable illnesses and to prepare the proper testing procedures for issues that might be a challenge to diagnose.  If specialty providers are required to be on hand, these individuals can be contacted and called in before the patient arrives.

David Strouds

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