Net Nanny Social Facebook Parental Control Review

Parental Controls for Facebook: Net Nanny Social Review

Facebook parental control market is on the rise as major brands are diving into it. However, in the midst of this competition, some apps have managed to hold their own. One of the apps in this category which has made quite a name for itself is Net Nanny Social. This app boasts some amazing features that can prove to be quite helpful for any parent who is looking to monitor Facebook activities of their children. Features of this app along with their detail have been outlined in our Net Nanny Social Facebook Parental Control review.

Friends Alert

Net Nanny Social enables you to know who your kids are friends with on Facebook without doing much. Each individual added by your children will be in front of you through the Friend’s Alert feature, and then you can see who they are, what they do, what are their interests, etc. This feature also allows you to know how many mutual friends the newly added person has in common with your kid. If there aren’t any mutual friends and even then your child has added that person, then you should keep an eye on this new contact. All of this can be quite a hassle, but with the help of Net Nanny Social, you can accomplish it rather easily.

News Feed Scan

A Facebook parental control wouldn’t be much of a help if it didn’t allow you to scan the News Feed because most of the stuff that really matters is displayed there. Fortunately, Net Nanny Social does come with this feature and it works quite nicely as well. You can see what pictures your kids are looking at, what kind of videos they’re interested in, what people they have added, etc. This enables you to know more about your children, which is otherwise quite a difficult thing to do.

Chats Scan

Lack of the chat logging feature is probably the biggest downside to Net Nanny Social. Now that most apps include this feature, it is quite annoying for the users to be without it. This maybe the only reason for people to switch to other apps.

Photos Monitoring

A picture is worth a thousand words. Most of the communication on Facebook happens through shared and tagged images, and with the help of Net Nanny Social, you can keep an eye on all of it. If your kids are sharing funny/sarcastic images, then it is a sign they are happy, but if your kids start to share emotional quotes, then the likelihood is that all is not well in their lives. In both circumstances, you should step in straight away and communicate with your children, making your bond with them grow stronger.


Net Nanny Social is compatible with Mac and Windows operating system, and on mobile side, it is available for the iOS and Android users.


Net Nanny Social is without a doubt one of the best Facebook parental control software out there at the moment. Yes, it is hurt by the absence of the chat logging feature, but with it doing so well in all other departments, you won’t have a hard time overlooking this shortcoming.

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