Norton Family Premier Facebook Parental Control Review

Parental Controls for Facebook: Norton Family Premier Review

Norton is a renowned brand in the security industry. It has made quite a name for itself due to its amazing products and their efficiency. Norton Family Premier is yet another remarkable product from the security giant as it provides a proficient solution to parents for shielding their kids from the pitfalls of Facebook, a social networking platform that is growing even more popular among the younger generation with every passing day. Our Norton Family Premier Facebook Parental Control review explains how Norton’s offering proves its mettle and value.

Friends Alert

Being new to the social networking platform, kids have a tendency to add almost every person that sends them a request, including predators in disguise. Fortunately, Norton Family Premier houses a feature of Friends Alert that notifies the parents whenever a new individual is added to their kids’ friends list. This can be a huge help, especially taking into consideration the fact that anyone can now send friend request to anyone. With parents having sight of kids’ friends list, it becomes easier for them to ensure that the latter don’t end up inadvertently opening the door to someone potentially dangerous.

News Feed Scan

A Facebook parental control wouldn’t really be complete if doesn’t scan the News Feed. News Feed contains all the latest updates from your kids’ online circle, along with their recent shares, actions, and interactions on the social network. This allows parents to know just what kind of people their kids are mixing up with online, and if there’s any need for them to intervene.

Chats Scan

Adding someone is one thing, but the real problem arises when kids start talking to strangers in the privacy of Facebook Inbox.  The isolation presents strangers, who could very well be predators, to captivate the impressionable minds of youngsters and convince them into doing something risky or flat out dangerous. However, Norton Family Premier mitigates this risk by alerting parents in case their kids engage in risky or inappropriate chats on Facebook. It also allows them to detect online predators or other criminals who may be trying to take advantage of their kids, and then report them to Facebook or relevant law enforcing agencies (LEAs).

Photos Monitoring

Kids love sharing photos online. Unfortunately, they often get too carried away and begin sharing personal, risqué or flat-out inappropriate photos of themselves to attract attention. This can not only take a toll on their repute, but also grab the attention of the wrong crowd that might steal these photos and then misuse them. Some of these photos can have far-reaching consequences, affecting kids’ chances of getting into a good university or landing a good job. To prevent all these risks from materializing, Norton Family Premier lets parents view photos uploaded by their kids on Facebook. If they deem a photo inappropriate, they can easily confront their youngster and get the photo removed.


Norton Family Premier is available on both Android and iOS platforms, but there’s no support for Windows Phone. However, if you want this on PC than you’ll need a Mac or a computer that is running on Window XP or above.


Norton sure hits the nail right on its head with its Family Premier product. The solution comes equipped with all the features parents can possibly require to ensure their kids’ safety on Facebook. The product may take some getting used to due to its somewhat confusing controls and many options, but the time and effort put into learning them is definitely worth it.

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