Qustodio Facebook Parental Control Review

Parental Controls for Facebook: Qustodio Review

Protecting kids is the first and foremost priority of parents, and now that most of the world revolves around the web, parents have to protect their kids from the internet and especially social media as well. However, that was not an easy job to do until Qustodio Facebook parental control came around. It allows parents to monitor almost all the activities their kids do on the popular social media platform. It boasts a wide range of features that actually work quite well. Let’s take a detailed look at just how good it really is in our Qustodio Facebook Parental Control review.

Friends Alert

Kids tend to allow people to become part of their online circle without any fuss because they want their friends list to grow. With the help of Qustodio, you the parents will be able to keep an eye on who your kids add to their list. The feature works rather well and gives you information about each added individual almost instantly. Furthermore, this feature notifies you if the person that’s just been added to your child’s list is too old. If a person added has no mutual friends and is fairly aged as compared to your kid, then you can intervene and investigate that person yourself.

News Feed Scan

Qustodio enables you to monitor the most happening place on Facebook, the News Feed. You will be able to see what kind of people your kids have added, what stuff they are sharing, what videos they are watching, what pictures they are liking, etc. By gaining this information, you will get better idea of how your kids think and behave. This is particularly helpful feature for the parents whose kids are introvert or keep to themselves in the real world.

Chats Scan

What are your kids saying, to whom, and in what language – Qustodio lets you know it all. If they are using abusive language, then you can forbid them from doing that. If they are involved with people who you find fishy, you can then tell your children about them and about the dangers that they may bring. Stopping your kids from interacting with dangerous individuals should be your priority when using this feature. Chats are usually a great indication of what your kids are up to and what they might go on to do, and Qustodio does a really good job of keeping you informed.

Photos Monitoring

Most of the thoughts and emotions are communicated on Facebook through images, so having an eye on what kind of pictures your kids are sharing and looking at is pretty important. Qustodio allows you to do just that. This feature will allow you to know what your kids are going through quite easily. If they like or share sad/emotional pictures, then there must be something wrong going on in their lives. You can then intervene and communicate with them about the issues they’re having. It’s better not to leave the conversation for later. As soon as you find something’s wrong with your kids, have a talk with them immediately.


Qustodio Facebook parental control is available for Android and iOS mobile platforms and Windows PCs.


Qustodio comes with a variety of features that can be of huge help to the parents. The developers could have done some extra work on the user interface to make it easier to use for those not very comfortable with technology. However, apart from that, it’s a brilliant app that would cater to parents’ monitoring needs just fine.

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