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Pokemon Go Preventing Suicides in Japan

Tojinbo, a cliff range in Japan has become a well-known suicide point. Just last year, more than 150 people jumped off it to end their lives. Realizing how big of a problem it had become, officials raised the security, but that didn’t help much as the suicides kept on happening. However, since the arrival of Pokemon Go, situation has started to improve on the infamous cliff.

As you know, the game asks you to visit some really far off places and the Japanese version takes people to Tojinbo. This is where they come across individuals with suicidal intentions and stop them from doing so.

There have been multiple incidents in the past couple of months where a wandering Pokemon Go player bumped into someone who was about to commit suicide and prevented it from happening.

Most of the news regarding Pokemon Go has related to people accidentally hurting themselves or someone else, but this news is rather refreshing.

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