[Review] Metal Gear Survive

When Metal Gear Survive was first revealed, it received some major backlash as fans of the series weren’t really happy with the direction that Konami was taking. However, they still gave them the benefit of the doubt. They kept an open mind to see what kind of product they will deliver. Sadly, the end-product is just as bad as people predicted. And it is made even worse by the inclusion of micro-transactions. After EA’s Star Wars debacle, it was assumed that developers and publishers would learn, but Konami hasn’t. Micro-transactions are not just a side feature in the game, they are actually the forefront of it. Combine that with repetitive gameplay plus zero innovation, and you get one of the worst games of the year. There is some good in it, but that does not make the product worth it.


Gameplay is where Metal Gear Survive shines the brightest. And that’s largely thanks to the engine that was used to develop Metal Gear Sold V. The gameplay is the same with some additions. Now, instead of a base, you have some tables on the home screen. These tables are used to craft new weapons, items, armors, upgrades, etc.

You have to do that after every mission you complete and that does give some sense of progression, but the worst part is that the gameplay doesn’t evolve. As a player, you just do the same kind of missions over and over again. Only thing that differs are the enemies levels.

The objectives and the way you defend don’t change either. You just have to go to a certain point, barricade it, and defend it with all your crafted weapons. Enemies in return will drop materials, which can then be used to craft new weapons. This cycle rinse and repeats throughout the entire game.


Graphically, Metal Gear Survive is amazing. Once again, that is thanks to the engine that was used for MGSV. Most of the assets are reused and they are quite noticeable. If you have spent time in MGSV’s Afghanistan and Africa, then you will feel right at home when playing Metal Gear Survive because they haven’t really changed anything. The terrains, the objectives, the locations – all of them have been recycled. Although they look good, but they don’t serve any purpose whatsoever.


The lack of effort that’s being put in the game is so apparent. Konami just took the same gameplay mechanics and visuals of MGSV and put it in a different game. That’s just about describes Metal Gear Survive. If actual effort was put into the game, it could have become a sleeper hit of 2018.

The potential is there but the repetitive missions and the slimy micro-transactions ruin the experience. Even if they change the structure of missions, it would’ve had something going for it. However, that’s not the case as every objective is the same. You stand at a place, wait for enemies to arrive, and kill them.

It is fun to do the first couple of times, but then it just gets incredibly boring. In a year that seems filled with some amazing titles, save your money for games where developers have actually put in hard work.

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