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Review of Unlimited Free VPN by VIT for Android

Unlimited Free VPN by VIT for Android is by far the simplest internet security and privacy app that you’ll find for Google’s mobile OS. After the changes and improvements at the start of the year, it has gotten even more user-friendly, requiring you to do nothing more than tap the connect button to start enjoying a secure, anonymous and uninhibited online experience. You won’t find your technical knowledge getting challenged at any point. Furthermore, Unlimited Free VPN provides a free service without torturing you with the annoying ads that are a commonplace in other free VPN clients.

Waiting for the catch? Well, check out the comprehensive Unlimited Free VPN Android review to learn if the app truly justifies its place among the most popular free virtual private network apps for Android, or if has a few holes here and there.

Data Encryption

Unlimited Free VPN offers banking-level HTTPS encryption to ensure that the privacy of your data is not comprised while you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi. With the app covering your web traffic in layers of protection, there is no need for you to feel nervous about the safety of your credit card information, bank details, and social network passwords.

Data Logging Policy

Previously, the developer logged some sort of user information and maintained it on its system. However, after recent changes in the app, the service provider has also revised its privacy policy and now claims to no absolutely no user information. How far is that true, only time will tell. But it definitely offers a strong sense of comfort knowing that your online habits won’t be getting handed over to some third party.


The app offers unlimited speed and bandwidth. You will have no problem stream your favorite videos in HD on YouTube, etc. However, do keep in mind that the quality of experience will depend heavily on the quality of your own ISP. Don’t expect miracles to happen, because they seldom do.

Installation Process

The process for installing Unlimited Free VPN on the Android platform is a walk in the park. To further add to the convenience, there is absolutely no configuration required. You simply install the app on the phone, run it, tap it, and that is all there is to it.

Server Location

Unlimited Free VPN has its servers in various locations. The full list includes multiple servers in United States and United Kingdom, as well as servers in Canada, Germany, Netherlands, France, Japan and Singapore. This is a wonderful amount of option to have as it allows you to access geo-restricted content across various regions.

Provider Profile

VIT, which stands for VPN in Touch, is no amateur when it comes to providing VPN service. It has been offering its services on different platforms for quite some time now, and continues to do so to date. Rather than standing still at one point, it uses user feedback to improve the quality of its apps, thus making it a hot favorite among VPN seekers.

Customer Support

Although Unlimited Free VPN works fine and is outrageously simple to use, you may still occasionally run into problems. For that, there is a useful and responsive customer support available. You can get help by contacting the support team via email any day of the week.


As the name suggests, Unlimited Free VPN is COMPLETELY FREE, and that is how it intends to remain in the foreseeable future. Surprisingly, there is no catch to this in the form of annoying ads or time limit for each session.

There are just too many things to love about Unlimited Free VPN by VIT. It’s fast, it’s safe, and it’s effective. Some people may feel that there aren’t enough customization options available. In fact, there are none. But then again, why meddle with the settings when the app takes care of the basic things on its all.

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