Samsung Orbis

Samsung Collaborates with Artists and Brands for its Next Generation Smartwatch

Samsung smartwatch code-named Orbis will have a round screen unlike its existing smartwatches.

Romero Britto, a Miami-based artist, will take an active part in creating design for the next generation smartwatch. He also created custom cases for Samsung Galaxy S6. Among the brands are Z Zegna, Anymode, Incipio, Tech 21 and Swarovski. A few of these well-known brands have designed unique accessories for Samsung products in the past.

The Korean tech giant has already released several smartwatches during the last few years, including Gear Live, Gear S, Gear 2 Neo, Galaxy Gear and Gear Fit.

Rumors about Samsung next generation smartwatch have been going around the market for quite some time, but very little was known until now. Finally, the company has broken its silence.

It has released the software development kit for its upcoming wearable tech and invited the developers to create interesting and unique apps for Gear A.

Samsung is successful in getting the attention of its fans. With Apple Watch recently released, this was the ideal time for the company to reveal some information about its next wearable tech.

Samsung refused to reveal the release date for its newest smartwatch, but chances are it will be displayed in IFA, 2015 which is to be held in this September.


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