Samsung may provide global internet

Samsung Theorizes Providing Global Internet through 4,600 Micro-Satellites

It is just a proposition and whether or not the company will implement it is still unknown.

The president of Samsung R&D team, Farooq Khan, proposed the use of micro-satellites for providing mobile internet to the world population. He wrote a research paper named “Mobile Internet from the Heavens” in which he highlighted the possibility of using 4,600 low-cost Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, each providing data rate roughly more than a terabit per second. This will create roughly 200GB internet monthly, which is enough for 5 billion people.

These satellites must have the ability to switch between multiple radio frequency bands.

“With the satellite-based backhaul, cellular and Wi-Fi deployments become practical in remote regions of the earth where there is no wired Internet infrastructure”, stated Farooq.

Even though he has not revealed any action plan, he did claim that by 2028, data traffic greater then zetabyte month will be available.

It is for the first time that Samsung has openly shared its vision to provide internet access worldwide.

Facebook and Google are already working on similar programs for providing internet at a global level.


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