How to Set the Old Text-Based Status Feature on Whatsapp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and loved instant-messaging app that is being used all across the globe. Every now and then it keeps adding new features to its platform, making it more appealing for its users.

Recently, following the footsteps of Snapchat and Instagram, WhatsApp also introduced stories feature for its users. The stories, just like that of Snapchat, appeared as a status and could be shared with your contacts. After twenty-four hours, it automatically gets disappeared.

However, the users were not really happy with the stories feature and expressed negative feedback and complaints about it. They enjoyed putting up a text-based feature instead of sharing stories. Listening to the users’ complaints, WhatsApp had to finally bring back its old text-based status feature. They did not remove the stories feature but also brought back the text-based status feature. So, the updated version of WhatsApp has both the features now.

We do know that most of you know how to set a text-based status on your WhatsApp but in case you are finding trouble in finding this old feature, here are few simple steps that can help you find it back.

Step 1 – Open WhatsApp

Download and install your WhatsApp app if you haven’t already. Once you have the app, open it and then click on the three-dot icon present on the top right corner of the app.

Step 2 – Click on Settings

The three-dot icon will lead you to another page. There you will select the ‘Settings’ option.

Step 3 – Click on Profile Picture

Once you have opened the ‘Settings’ option, what you need to do is, tap on your profile picture or name which is visible above other options such as Account, Chats, Notifications, Data Usage, Contacts, and Help.

Step 4 – Tap on the Status Message

After tapping on your profile picture or name, tap on the status message that appears under the ‘About and phone number’ section.

Step 5 – Type your Status

And the last step is to set your text-based status. Tap on the pencil-shaped icon shown under the ‘Currently set to’ and type in whatever status message you want to write and want your friends to also see.

Even with the introduction of stories feature – that allowed users to share pictures, videos, and GIFs with their contacts – WhatsApp could not replace it with its old text-based status feature. The stories feature did offer a lot more options to users because it allowed them to share more content that could be overlaid with emojis, captions, and drawings. However, still, the new feature could not be replaced with the old text-based feature. The old feature has only been brought back due to a lot of demand generated from the users. When users will download WhatsApp now or get their app updated, they would find this old feature in the app, up and running.

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