So Many Hacking Incidents! Are Hackers Getting Out of Control?

Although hackers have been active since as long as one can remember, they seem to have grown a lot more proficient in recent months. Previously, the frequency of hacking incidents was low and the culprits behind those attacks were normally caught and prosecuted. This prevented other hackers from getting encouraged and kept them in limits. However, that no longer seems to be the case. In just last few months, a wave of hacking incidents has compromised accounts of millions of people on the internet, underscoring the growing magnitude of the threat.

Run Down of Events

A few months ago, hackers managed to attack and shutdown both Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Sony’s PlayStation Network. Sony America’s CEO John Smedley reacted to the situation and said that the culprits behind such actions should be put behind bars. The hackers didn’t like his statement at all and started to intervene in his personal life. On one fine day when Smedley was going to board a plane, these hackers dived in and spread the news that the flight he will be boarding has a bomb. The bomb threat was obviously a very serious one, and the management had to make sure that the flight was safe before clearing it for takeoff. So long story short, flight was delayed quite a bit. This made Smedley even angrier and he went on to criticize these hackers even more. The hackers once again retaliated and started to compromise all accounts that were related to him. This not only put the CEO at risk but his family was also in a dangerous predicament. Things were not getting better, so Smedley decided that he should take a break as he stepped down from his CEO position, which he had held for quite some time.

Another security breach happened not too long ago where hackers got their hands on social security numbers and personal data of a large number of US employees. Although the situation didn’t get out of hand as much as the hackers would have wanted, but a lot of employees lost their personal data.

Just a couple of months ago, adultery site Ashley Madison was hacked and the data of almost all the users was accessed by the hackers. Last month, another incident occurred involving T-Mobile. Hackers managed to sneak into Experian and allegedly compromised more than 15 million accounts.

Of course, none of the people behind these attacks were caught and prosecuted.

Possible Solutions

The hackers indeed have become more proficient and confident. This has led to increase in digital attacks. To stop this number from increasing, an example has to be made. Even if the government gets their hands on the culprits of one of these attacks and punishes them, chances are that other hackers will be more careful in their future endeavors. If catching them is proving too hard, then government should seek help from gray-hat hackers. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. At this point, the important thing is to catch the culprits behind these incidents and put them behind bars in order to send a loud and clear message to the upcoming hackers that there are serious repercussions for such actions.


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